Winter Holiday book wrap up

Book review of
Book review of "Slay Sweet Tooth"

The winter holidays are a wrap! But, this year there are more books than ever that would make perfect items to give to a loved one post holiday season!

Slay Sweet Tooth by New Jersey based photographer Michael Craft is the hottest gift you can give during this chilly season. From the moment you open the book to its eye poppingly sharp and vivid cover, you are in for a treat. The book features some of the best looking boys around who themselves are featuring some amazingly sweet desserts. The stunning Antonio Cedeno is featured along with the “Tasty Chocolate Pistachio Cake” (a personal favorite) and each page has either a gorgeously lush picture by Craft, a delectable dessert recipe (with uniquely cheeky names like “Slutty Brownie Cookie Cups” or “Pound Me Cake”), and sometimes both a recipe and pic are featured.

The recipes are sinful, but the pictures by Craft are even more divinely sinful (some even NSFW, thankfully). This is the perfect item to grab for your favorite baker and chef with a secretly steamy side.

"The Great Gasbag" by Joy Behar
“The Great Gasbag” by Joy Behar

Joy Behar is one of the best things about the daily chat fest “The View” and her liberal, smart and outspoken views on the reality star currently occupying the White House are the views that much of the country shares. With many of us feeling hopeless at times, Behar has the perfect handbook to get us through. The Great Gasbag—An A-Z Guide to Surviving Trump World. As we each watch the news (and Twitter) for our daily dose of dumpster fire, we now have a handy guide to get us through the darkness that has become our country. I mean, you could flip to “T” which is for “Tweets, Twits and Twats” or maybe hop over to “G” (which I will let you look up on your own to see what that was is for)! Behar sprinkles this tome with humor, realism, and most of all, a large dose of tongue in cheek political frankness.

When you have one of those days where you think you can’t stand one more day of news on the reality star in the White House, grab The Great Gasbag to decompress.

"The Last Black Unicorn" by Tiffany Haddish
“The Last Black Unicorn” by Tiffany Haddish

Long before she hit our big screens and stole our hearts in Girls Trip, Tiffany Hadish was destined for superstardom. From stand up to standing alone, you can read about that and more in her new memoir, The Last Black Unicorn. The trait that makes Hadish most relatable to her fan base is comes across in her writing, and that is her complete and unabashed honesty. Speaking of her humble beginnings in South Central Los Angeles, you can see the young girl who was striving for something more than the blight that surrounded her.

Coming up through the Laugh Factory comedy circuit, she may have encountered some stumbling blocks along the way, including having to quit comedy for a time when finding herself homeless as well as encounters with some pretty “interesting” romantic entanglements in her life, but she has rebounded beautifully, becoming one of the biggest success stories of 2017. Just like she tells us in the Invitiation; “I’m writing this because I never want you to say I didn’t invite you to anything”! Invitation accepted, Ms. Hadish.

"This Book Has Balls" by Michael Rapaport
“This Book Has Balls” by Michael Rapaport

From football pools to Housewives reunions, Michael Rapaport is able to wax poetically on all of it, and can be considered a true expert. In his new book This Book Has Balls: Sports Rants from the MVP of Talking Trash Rapport, who already is a podcaster, actor and frequent talk show guest, is able to tell us exactly what a player like LeBron James will never excel to Michael Jordan level, and why he thinks a certain hometown team of his could actually grab a championship next year.

From counting yardage on the field to tallying up shade at an infamous Real Housewives dinner party, Rapaport is able to easily flow into a deep dive on our favorite reality guilty pleasure. From tallying up all the Housewives in a fashion usually reserved for sports figures to looking into how a return from someone as polarizing as Danielle Staub could affect the franchise, Rapaport is the perfect kind of dinner party guest. From Bravo fans to basketball fanatics, this book is truly for everyone.