“Wildfire” is a movie drama that takes you into a night full of honest truths

Two women getting close to kiss
Wildfire (Photos by Halfjack Generation)
A group of men and women standing around a pit fire in a back yard
Wildfire (Photos by Halfjack Generation)

Wildfire is a new film that explores a group of friends spending time together. The gathering they are having soon turns into a tense night that they never saw coming. The chain of events starts when they begin a game of truth or dare. This then causes some members of the group to examine what they want from life, including their current relationships with others. Ultimately they learn more about each other and who they are as individuals.

We are at a point in society where people are learning the importance of being in relationships where their full authentic self is embraced. For some in years past, people would stay in relationships because being single was looked down upon. This ultimately led people to stay when it may not have been the most healthy situation.

Now, with so many societal expectations being deconstructed, people are starting to see embracing yourself first and foremost and what you want in life as the key to happiness.

In this film all the characters are shown as well-rounded humans with flaws. They all feel real! Each character is presented as a person still learning about themselves and what they truly want out of their relationships.

Del and Ronnie are two standout characters. Del is a young lady who is in a relationship with a woman. She is very keen on the importance of loving yourself and working through the trials that can come while being in love. She brings a lot of wisdom to the story. Ronnie on the other hand is at a point where she may need something different from the relationship she has with her man. She is nervous to be honest about it. Both of these characters make the story intriguing.

The film Wildfire also has tense dramatic moments. The story takes place in just one night. This is a clever idea that makes things more intense. The night progresses quickly, and you are thrown into this friend group’s honest conversations in a clever way. Things begin to get fiery halfway through the film. The self-examination some of these characters go through brings out a lot of emotions.

If there are flaws it is the first half hour. The movie is slow for a good while and starts uniquely. That may be a little off-putting for some viewers. However, this does not stop the film from being a good drama.

With timely messages about relationships in the self-improvement era and the importance of knowing who you are and what you want from life, Wildfire proves to be a well-done film. It features great characters, an interesting examination of the current dating scene, and some tense emotional drama that makes this an intriguing ride worth checking out.

4/5 stars.