Whendy Whaxwood brings her whinning talents to Borgata for Pride Bingo

Whendy Whaxwood wearing floral dress
Whendy Whaxwood (Facebook)

Whendy Whaxwood, from the performance stage to the pageant runway

From snagging crowns like Miss Stonewall to crafting her own shows with fellow NY queens to making her presence known in the Garden State everywhere from Asbury Park to Atlantic City, Whendy Whaxwood is using her signature wit to bring a fresh perspective the art of drag.

As Whaxwood joins some of her NJ/Philly/NY sisters to head to the Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa on December 7th for Pride Bingo (in support of Garden State Equality), Whaxwood caught up with me to talk about what she considers the biggest gamble she has taken career-wise, as well as what makes a phenomenal “Queen!”

What would you consider your best casino game?

Whendy Whaxwood: I love to play Roulette! I like it because you aren’t playing against anyone else, so everyone can play and win together!

What do you consider the biggest gamble you have ever taken in your career?

Wendy Whaxwood wearing purple feathers
Wendy Whaxwood (Facebook)

WW: One night, I attempted to say, “Where’s Waldo’s went to Whales to watch walruses,” and that was just a mess!

The queen is one of the most popular cards in the deck; tell me, what makes a phenomenal queen?

WW: The Queen is the leader of her deck/community. She works hard for her subjects to please them with stunning looks and shows of pageantry. She is the leader, and a truly phenomenal one leads through her actions. She should inspire others to push themselves to new heights and live their best lives by doing so herself.

In life, what is the biggest “jackpot” you have won, personal or career-wise?

WW: I consider myself very lucky in many ways, but a personal jackpot in my life has been having a loving and supportive family that encourages my art and my drag. I know not everyone is so lucky to have that support behind them, and I am grateful for that all the time.

Everyone has their “Ace” in their performance arsenal; what do you consider your ace that truly sets you apart from the rest?

WW: Besides an airtight lip-sync, one thing I’m known for is changing my costumes—a lot! There have been nights where I’ve worn six outfits in an hour and thought nothing of it!