What’s Next, by Kerry Hannon gives ideas to reinvent ourselves


Book cover of Whats Next“They” used to say that after 30, you are invisible in the gay world. That old chestnut has changed a lot in recent years as baby boomer gays leave that mile-marker well behind and are still leading active, interesting and sexy lives. With mid-life crisis, buy-outs, early retirement and down sizing as much a part of gay lives as straight, the question of “what of what do I want to do with the next phase of my life” is one many of us have to confront.

The days of finding a secure corporate berth and attracting cobwebs in it for the rest of one’s working life, followed by a brief, pointless stint in a rocking chair or tacky little house in Florida are so very over! Let’s face it, gays have a monopoly on creativity and edgy