We want more because we deserve more


Sam Martino is the editor of Out In Jersey magazineEditor’s Letter:

We go to the places that welcome us with open arms and wide smiles. Whether it is a gay bar, a leather bar, a home of your friend’s, a vacation in Uganda… No, you wouldn’t go on vacation in Uganda, because if you are an LGBT person, you know that you are not celebrated in Uganda.

You would, however, go on vacation to Spain because according to the Pew Research Global Attitudes Project, Spain is the most gay-friendly country in the world.

We have fought for tolerance, but now we want more, and we deserve more. We want to be celebrated. We want same-sex marriage in every state. We want to know that we have equal rights all over the world, no matter where we travel. We don’t want to have to wonder “is it safe?” to go to Russia on vacation, or Florida, for that matter.

As humans, we have a right to move about this world, our world, as we see fit. Virginia Woolf said, “As a woman, I have no country. As a woman, my country is the whole world.” As human beings, our country is our whole world, and we should not have to exclude any part of this world because of the laws set by homophobic people who want to imprison or kill us.

Where do we go? We go where we are celebrated and not just tolerated.

Out In Jersey knows that you deserve more, so welcome to the 13th year of publication of Out In Jersey magazine. The time we spend writing, editing, and taking photos is done for the love of the gay community in New Jersey. Every article we write, every pride event and LGBT expo we attend is done because we know that we must continue to keep our community informed, and we here at Out In Jersey magazine welcome you with open arms!

Out In Jersey wants to hear from you!

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