Visionary Celebrity Photographer Justin Monroe take Us Down The Rabbit Hole



Alice’s Wonderland just got a bit bigger to accommodate all of the quirky new characters that invade famed conceptual photographer Justin Monroe’s twisted mind.
On Nov. 25, 2008, leading publisher Bruno Gmunder officially débuted Down The Rabbit Hole, Monroe’s first-ever photo-book, which presents the artist’s inimitable and vibrant style of sexy photography, and plunges art enthusiasts into a world of surreal fantasy, sinister humor and visual allegory. The book contains a collection of highly conceptual imagery that takes us on a journey through a world of fantasy and hyperrealism, from which Monroe calls a “red pill ride!”

The 160-page, full-color, hardcover (10“ x 14“) book features such prominent personalities as diva model extraordinaire Janice Dickinson, legendary performer Amanda Lepore and sex icon Jessica Rabbit.