Video about the connection of the brain, sex, individual and social behavior

Stephen L FeliceBrain Genital Law 

Sex: There is no lack of scientific studies on sex, the brain and sex, and sex and social behavior but what is lacking is a way to connect them all together in order to understand and address it.  


Physician and medical innovator, Stephen L. DeFelice, Founder and Chairman of FIM, the Foundation for Innovation in Medicine, attempts to do this by what he coins the  Brain Genital Law or BGL. The doctor explains how the brain ensures evolution’s primary objective that heterosexuals copulate to propagate the race by producing babies.  Nothing new here, but these countless brain stimuli are also non-specific and stimulate other sexual thoughts and social actions leading to a myriad of fantasies, the primary drivers of sex. Thus bisexuality, homosexuality, sadomasochism, transgenderism and many others all of which, contrary to popular belief, are according to DeFelice, natural and normal.

But he also points out that all cultures have heavily regulated the full expression of the BGL for at least two reasons:  to focus the sexual act on the propagation of the race and also to prevent massive cultural destabilization. 

The video describes how the American sexual revolution is, as never before in history, swiftly deregulating the BGL where sexual fantasies and acts are rapidly expanding and destabilizing critical segments of our individual, social and national behavior.  It sounds the alarm of the unrecognized soon- to- arrive first truly effective aphrodisiacs for both men and women and how they will create “explosive destabilization from the family to national security where genital-consciousness vigorously competes with self-consciousness.” 

The doctor believes that women are playing an expanding major role in stimulating sexual fantasies and should be held more accountable in matters of sex. 

In the final segment of the video, “Where Do We Go from Here”, the doctor calls for an in depth national discussion of the nature of sex and for the establishment of a National Sex Policy as we have with education, health and defense.

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