Video and text article template


This is the first amount of text  which is to show the video is on the right. remember adding the video is just like a picture. Use the insert/edit video icon and look for on the server content in the flash folder at Out In Jersey website or browse to the place you have video available to add.

So long as their is enough text this will display the video on the right. Also note that the new video player has the capability to display full screen after the easy set-up.

When entering a video into your article there is an option tab which will let you add a thumbnail image of the video. This is important as without a thumbnail image the video picture screen will be blank on the page until viewers click on it. To add a thumbnail, just add it from the same location as the video with the same name but a .JPG file type. Note: This must be done at this time as there is a bug that stops you from seeing this option ever again after entering the video to your article!

Go ahead try this and see how it works.