Tyler Henry proves to be the real deal

Tyler Henry on stage at Bergen PAC in Englewood, NJ
Tyler Henry on stage at Bergen PAC in Englewood, NJ

It was A Very Special Evening with Tyler Henry at Englewood’s BergenPAC

Out In Jersey cover boy Tyler Henry of E!’s wildly successful Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry, is touring the country with his live show A Very Special Evening with Tyler Henry. The tour included a recent stop at Englewood’s BergenPAC, where Tyler Henry showed attendees the caliber of his occult gift even more than what is documented on his television series.

The performance is divided into two parts. It begins with his discussing of his background, being bullied in school, being raised in a conservative Christian household, and coming to terms with his supernatural gift. Then it gets into how communicating with the other side affects his day-to-day life.

Tyler Henry’s five life lessons

Tyler Henry was featured in December 2018 in Out In Jersey magazine. During the first half of the show he discussed five life lessons. He talked about what he has learned in his life and how we can all benefit in detail.

  • 1: It’s just stuff
  • 2: Don’t withdraw when things get uncomfortable
  • 3: When you know better, you do better
  • 4: Say it now
  • 5: Our loved ones never really leave us
Tyler Henry with writer and editor Will Loschiavo at Bergen PAC in Englewood, NJ
Tyler Henry with writer and editor Will Loschiavo at Bergen PAC in Englewood, NJ

The latter half, the portion which a majority of attendees showed up for, consists of Tyler Henry performing a plethora of live interactive readings with the audience. At the show, Tyler immediately silences his critics. He intricately illustrates how he connects with the souls of the departed. Then, Tyler begins to describe the departed entity he is connecting with, the family, the situation, etc.

Many at the show left with jaws dropped

The more in-depth Tyler goes, the more raised hands go down until the 23 year-old medium pinpoints who he has a message for. Surprisingly, Tyler effortlessly conducts intimate reading after reading. He often leaves those in the audience who were fortunate enough to have a loved one connect very emotional. Many at the show left with jaws dropped.

Since closing out on a reading alone is rather awkward depending on the direction it goes, Tyler Henry makes it a point to close out the show on a lighter note. He does some question-and-answer. If you are even slightly entertained by Hollywood Medium, you will definitely get your moneys worth attending his performance.

To purchase tickets head to TylerHenryHollywoodMedium.com.

Will Loschiavo is Out In Jersey's entertainment editor. Will has worked on air for Top 40 radio stations in New York and New Jersey and written for various publications. Will is the host of the Will Love Listen podcast available on Spotify, Apple iTunes, and iHeartRadio. Follow on Instagram: @WillLoveInc