Two veteran artists, an emerging talent, and the queen bring new beats

Kristine W new album
Kristine W new album "Love and Lies" cover

In the Cookie Jar

As we all start to emerge into spring from our respective cocoons, we are ready for brand new music. Thankfully, we have a fantastic crop of selections to choose from that cross all kinds of musical genres.

Pet Shop Boys new album "Hotspot" cover
Pet Shop Boys new album “Hotspot” cover

Pet Shop Boys 

The Pet Shop Boys have dropped their brand-new album Hotspot, and fans new and veteran of this duo are beyond pleased with the result. If you took the quintessential 80’s sound that the Pet Shop Boys are known for and gave it a 2020 update, you would have the content within Hotspot.

Tracks like “You Are The One” and “Hoping For A Miracle” are blissfully slowed down gems that showcase both Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe’s individual talents. Madonna acolyte Stuart Price checks in with writing credits, assisting Lowe and Tennant on the anthemic “Dreamland” (with Years and Years) while Olly Alexander drops in on the hypnotically styled “Monkey Business. The true standouts on the package are when the icons that are the PSB stand on their own. Tracks like “I Don’t Wanna” and “Only The Dark” harken back to early Pet Shop Boys, while concluding the album with a very on brand, #LoveIsLove themed “Wedding In Berlin” (and merging it with the traditional wedding march) show that there is plenty of wonderfully creative music yet to come from this legendary duo.

Ru Pauls new album "You're a Winner, Baby" cover
Ru Pauls new album “You’re a Winner, Baby” cover

Ru Paul

The new season of RuPaul’s Drag Race premiered in February and when Mama Ru drops a brand-new album, that means one thing: it’s officially Drag Race season! Her new package of tracks is titled You’re A Winner, Baby and that’s exactly what the tracks espouse. Kicking it off with the dance-tactic “London,” the package quickly shows that it’s the exact kind of dance party that we have come to expect from Mama Ru. Tracks like the very on brand “Bring Back My Girls” and “Condragulations” are sure to pop up on future episodes of Drag Race while “Blessed” is a hypnotic homage to all things positive. An added treat on the end of the album is a Kummerspeck Redux remix of the lead track from RuPaul’s Netflix series AJ & The Queen, giving the already raucously entertaining track a Sunday afternoon tea dance vibe.

Lovari's new album "Moment of Love" cover
Lovari’s new album “Moment of Love” cover


Lovari’s brand new album Moment of Love has arrived and the East Coast singer/songwriter is pulling out all the stops on his latest offering. The title track is a smooth and easy way to kick off the album, while tracks like “Carry On” and “No Day But Today” (with Adam Barta and Electropoint) are raucous and quintessential party tunes. One of the most unique parts of Moment of Love are the fact that there are remakes a-plenty on this album. Hearing Lovari’s unique take on tracks like Madonna’s “Rescue Me” (totally turned upside down with a male vocal), a stripped down version of The Pointer Sisters’ “Automatic” and most interestingly, Cher’s iconic anthem “One By One” gets the Lovari treatment with intriguing results, giving this dance floor favorite a unique shine-up.

Kristine W 

As one of the most prominent and famed dance artists in the game, Kristine W’s new album Episode One: Love and Lies shows exactly how she has stayed in the game this long. Kicking off the album with the heavily remixed and spectacular single “Just A Lie” shows Kristine W in fantastic vocal form and the entirety of the album represents an artist who has grown but continues to know that one of her biggest strengths is fantastic dance anthems. “Can’t Take No More” gives us plenty of vocals, while “No One” is a hypnotically structured track that is slightly off brand but a great departure on this artist’s sound. “Barracuda” is a fiery remake of the Heart classic and Kristine W’s 2020 take on it is beyond welcome.

An added treat are new versions of two classic tracks: the World Pride Version of “Land Of The Living” and the “Frejak Radio Mix” of her more recent hit “Stars.” With plenty of more material ready to drop, expect Episode One: Love and Lies to be the official start of a new era for this revolutionary artist.

The Top 10 from DJ Matt Bailer 

  1. DJ Matt Bailer
    DJ Matt Bailer

    Galantis & Dolly Parton ft. Mr. Probz – Faith (Extended Mix)

  2. Roxette – The Look (Luca Debonaire Remix)
  3. Lizzo – Good As Hell (Michael Jude AKA Kue Remix, BNDR Remix, Extended Mix)
  4. Kristine W – Feel What You Want (Freejak Remix)
  5. Dua Lipa – Don’t Start Now (Barry Harris Remix)
  6. Kesha ft. Big  Fredia – Raising Hell
  7. David Penn ft. Ramona Renea – Stand Up (Extended Mix)
  8. Clare Maguire – Elizabeth Taylor (Mulholland Edition)
  9. THE Green Project – What A Feeling (Extended Mix)
  10. Niall  Horan – Nice To Meet Ya (Diplo Remix)