Two to Six, A Sex Offender’s Story, by James P. Cornelio



James Cornelio had a life that many gay men would have envied. A successful corporate attorney with all the trappings of life in the upper echelons of a well-paid profession, he was easily able to afford his taste for young male hustlers. It’s a taste many share and one that is easily supplied. The morality of such exchanges is not the issue. One may well argue that the state has no right to interfere in such consensual and highly personal arrangements. Such arguments however, invariably presume that both parties are of an age to legally consent. Precisely what age that should be is a matter of some debate and different states and nations have reached different conclusions ranging from a low of 14 to a high of 18 but agreement that there is such an age is virtually universal. It behooves a person to know the law in this regard and to pay attention to it.