Try[ing] not to think ‘bout those tales from the script of the love for sale in the [music of the] spheres

JoJo album cover Trying Not to Think About It
JoJo album cover "Trying Not to Think About It."

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Trying Not to Think About It will have you thinking about it, and moreover, replaying it. This is by far JoJo’s rawest work as well as her most unified release to date. The vulnerable lyrical content coupled with themes of anxiety and depression are all too relatable to listeners, especially in today’s society.

Cover of Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga album "Love For Sale"
Cover of Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga album “Love For Sale”

The 12-track EP, which comes across more as a cohesive album, is noticeably absent of filler content. On “Anxiety (Burlinda’s Theme)” JoJo speaks of her anxiety as if it were a person singing “you only show up when its inconvenient.” On “Feel Alright” JoJo questions “Do I love you this much or is it just something to do?” While all things mental health is nearing the stage of insufferable due to artists suddenly singing about the subject in an obviously sales driven commercial manner, JoJo avoids coming across inauthentic but rather the needle in a haystack of trends.

Tony Bennett & Lady Gaga

In 2014 Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga were praised for their debut jazz release as a duo, Cheek to Cheek. The close friends have teamed up again for their sophomore jazz album, Love for Sale. Interestingly enough, Bennett was actually diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease during the recording sessions. In August, the duo performed two back-to-back shows at Radio City Music Hall, the last New York performance of Bennett’s career as per the press release.

Love for Sale is a cover album dedicated to Cole Porter. The duo shines their best on “I Get a Kick Out of You.” Fans also get a solid vocal solo from Gaga with the track “Let’s Do It.” It’s unfortunate that given the state of Bennett’s health this will be the last body of work the two superstars produce.

Cover of Coldplay album "Music of the Spheres"
Cover of Coldplay album “Music of the Spheres”


Music of the Spheres marks Coldplay’s ninth studio album. This year the band is preparing a worldwide stadium tour which includes two upcoming performances at MetLife Stadium on June 4th and June 5th. Oddly enough there is a sci-fi concept attached to this album. Chris Martin has said he found inspiration in the Cantina Band from the original Star Wars series. Months ago, Martin even spoke publicly about his desire to perform on the moon, which doesn’t seem as far away as it sounds.

This new album is produced by elite pop music producer Max Martin. He helped make Britney Spears who she is today as well as ensure the evolution of Taylor Swift would be a success. Given the fact Coldplay’s last album, Everyday Life, was their worst selling to date—it made sense to pull in Max Martin. It already appears to be working as Coldplay’s single “My Universe” debuted atop the Hot 100 garnering the band their second #1 single. This is the first time since 2008’s Viva La Vida that Coldplay has topped the Hot 100. From “Higher Power” to “Infinity Sign” this album is full of hits and hidden gems.

The Script

Tales from The Script: Greatest Hits reminds listeners that the band has solidified themselves within the music industry much more than one may initially assume. While not necessarily a household name, The Script have garnered a wide array of successful singles over the course of their career which spans 15 years thus far. With six studio albums under their belt, most of the band’s singles have achieved commercial success. Even if you are not a fan, upon listening you will realize how far The Script have come.

Cover of The Script album "Tales from the Script"
Cover of The Script album “Tales from the Script”

This is an album where you will think “oh I did not realize that was them” upon almost every listen. From “Breakeven to For the First Time” to “Hall of Fame,” The Script have managed to acquire tremendous musical success without instant recognizability, which may very well be what they set out for all along. Sometimes fame does more harm than good in the music industry.

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Will’s Top 5

  1. Ariana Grande & Kid Cudi – Just Look Up
  2. Post Malone & The Weeknd – One Right Now
  3. Coldplay & BTS – My Universe
  4. JoJo – Worst (I Assume)
  5. Tiësto & Ava Max – The Motto