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There is nothing better than a gorgeous summer day and a brand new Cher recording. Yes, I know, “Woman’s World” came out late last year on the web, but that was not the mastered edition that was just released. It’s a great way to welcome the Dark Lady back to the dance floor. 

Kinky BootsOf course, remixers have lined up to take a crack at this one, and the results have been consistently strong. The “R3hab Remix” keeps the strong electronica vibe of the original track, but tossing in hard drumbeats behind the chorus definitely changes up the track, giving it a strong dub feel. The “Danny Verde Club Mix” definitely has a late-90s fun vibe to it, putting some of the vocals on a short loop – shades of old-school Thunderpuss 2000, keeping a consistent bass line through the track, leading up to the chorus. Expect more great things from Verde!

The crowning achievement for the remix package is, of course, from the legendary Tracy Young. After cementing her “legendary” status with spectacular remixes during the Madonna “Music” era, she has taken a crack at another icon with fantastic results. The “Tracy Young’s Ferosh Club Mix” keeps the verses simple, then drops almost everything during the vocals, putting Cher’s voice front and center so everyone on every dance floor this summer can sing along. This has turned into the summer of Cher, with her multiple appearances in New York City for Gay Pride, culminating in her appearance at the legendary Pier Dance. If there was ever a soundtrack for the summer, Young has created a true summer anthem with her remix.

Chaka Khan "It's Not Over"Not only did Kinky Boots sweep the Tony Awards this season, the soundtrack that this hit show spawned is nothing short of amazing. Not since Rent or Wicked has a show of original songs been weaved so seamlessly together. Billy Porter (“Lola”) and Stark Sands (“Charlie”) are the centerpiece of this soundtrack, with music and lyrics by the legendary Cyndi Lauper. With Lauper involved, a hearty dose of dance should be expected, and she does not disappoint. “The Sex Is In The Heel” was released by Lauper late last summer with a remix package. Billy Porter’s vocals simply bring Lola (and her Manolo Blahniks) to life. “Everybody Say Yeah” is a high energy, full-cast piece, and is a true anthem for the first half of the show as it closes out Act 1. “Land of Lola” introduces Porter as Lola to the crowd, and while the album version is fantastic, the “Wayne G & LFB Anthem Remixes” take the track to the dance floors! Expect to see this one on quite a few Pride floats this year. Lauper is also known for her heartfelt anthems, and she brings it big-time on her first foray into Broadway. Porter and Sands duet on “Not My Father’s Son,” and it’s one of the most achingly honest duets I’ve seen on a Broadway stage in some time. Sands’ solo turn on “Soul of a Man” rips off any facade, showing you the real “Charlie Price” – and showing you the breathtaking range of Sands himself.

Chaka Khan is back on the dance floors, her first track since her “take it to church” moment with Mary J. Blige a few years ago with “Disrespectful.” “It’s Not Over” is vintage Chaka, giving you a hearty dose of that big voice belting out a high-energy chorus. The remix package has given the up-and-coming Papercha$er a moment to shine. Taking Chaka’s vocals and building them into a slamming chorus, The “Papercha$er Remix” definitely highlights Khan’s amazing vocal range without overdoing it electronically. Ralphi Rosario was also called in for this remix package. With these two legends on one record, you’re bound to get magic. The “Ralphi Rosario Club Mix” keeps the formula very simple, with a pulsing beat behind the track consistently, letting Khan’s vocals on the track move the music through the beats. Chaka, Mary J and Patti LaBelle can vocalize like few others, and remixes that feature tracks like “It’s Not Over” are sheer magic.

Daft Punk "Get Lucky"It seems like you can’t raise a cocktail anywhere this summer without hearing the infectious new track from Daft Punk, “Get Lucky.” Creatively, they always seem to be on the cusp of what is hitting dance floors, as well as music in general, and this track is no exception. With help from music legend Nile Rodgers of Chic fame and the uber-talented Pharrell Williams, they have created a quintessential summer anthem. Full of pulsing guitars and lyrics like “We’re up all night to get lucky,” the song is relatable to pretty much anyone. The boys of Daft Punk are unique as they have never shown their faces. Rumors of their identities abound – I’ve heard names like “Chuck” and “Anuj” being their real identities among other rumors. Regardless of true identities, they consistently demonstrate true talent.

“Get Lucky” has tons of remixes out there, with one of the best being the “Audio Jacker Club Mix.” This mix gives a push to the BPM of the original track, but keeps its own unique Daft Punk vibe. The chorus definitely gives a nod to the Michael Jackson of yesteryear – of which the track definitely has the vibe – making it perfectly dance-floor ready. I’ve heard some incredibly fun mashups of this track at several different night spots, so keep your ears open for some interesting takes on “Get Lucky.”

Summer  Top Ten

  •  1. Justin Timberlake – Mirrors (JG Epic rework)
  • 2. Zedd – Clarity (JG rework)
  • 3. Pet Shop Boys – Vocal
  • 4. Edson Pride & DJ Fist – Hang On
  • 5. Kristine W – So Close to Me (Joe Gauthreaux Club Mix)
  • 6. Bleona – Take It Like A Man (Joe Gauthreaux Club Mix)
  • 7. Ivan Gomez & Mickey Friedman – Never Let the Party Stop
  • 8. Juan Diaz – I Can Feel It
  • 9. Jerome Robbins – What About My Love
  • 10. Cher – Woman’s World (Danny Verde / Tracy Young Mixes)


In the Cookie Jar

There is nothing better than a gorgeous summer day and a brand new Cher recording. Yes, I know, “Woman’s World” came out late last year on the web, but that was not the mastered edition that was just released. It’s a great way to welcome the Dark Lady back to the dance floor.