Tom Goss invites his audience along on his very personal journey

Singer and songwriter Tom Goss
Singer and songwriter Tom Goss

When Tom Goss sings his song, “Cause mama don’t you love me? And papa don’t you trust me? And brother don’t you know me?” there is not a dry eye in the house. A poignant song about his coming out to his family, Tom invites his audience along on his personal journey. With his acoustic guitar and Midwest charm, he sings of love and life, heartaches and joy.

Singer and songwriter Tom Goss
Singer and songwriter Tom Goss

Although the lyrics to his song “Mama” alludes to his family not accepting him, he said he did not have a problem coming out, but he admitted to being taken back by some things they said and he had to address those issues. Edge Media said about him,” Goss has always had a strong lyric talent, describing feelings and situations in his songs that stand up as short stories in their own right.”

He was born in Illinois and raised in Wisconsin with a family of gymnasts, soccer, and baseball players. He won a wrestling scholarship to the University of Central Missouri and then moved to Washington DC. He entered a Roman Catholic seminary, where he studied to become a priest, but his passion took another big turn.

While living in DC, he began playing his guitar at coffee houses. In both 2011 and 2012, he was named “Best Gay Musician in DC” by the Washington Blade.

He remembers when he was 18 years old and his mom bought him his first guitar. He was obsessed with playing. And he played every moment in his spare time. “Playing guitar is Home to me,” he said.

Singer and songwriter Tom Goss
Singer and songwriter Tom Goss

Goss was most influenced by the Dave Matthews Band and played Dave Matthew songs on his guitar down on a street corner. He is also influenced by Jack Johnson and Ben Harper. He brings authenticity to their songs, he says, with his own voice and considers his genre to be “acoustic pop.”

As a songwriter, he taps into the emotion he is feeling and a chord will strike him. The lyrics and melody will follow. He said writing songs “opens up channels and teaches you about yourself.” Watching Goss perform is refreshing. He is genuine, funny, and his songs evoke raw emotion, especially his rendition of “Son of a Preacher Man”.

In 2010 he married his husband, Mike Briggs, and said it was “the happiest day of my life.” He wrote their wedding song, “You know that I love you.” Goss said that communication and understanding are the key to a successful relationship, and that when you wake up you should want to learn more, and love your partner more deeply.

Goss now lives in Los Angeles and enjoys the artistic energy it has to offer. He said it’s easy to meet up with other artists and have a sense of community. His songs have been featured on MTV and Logo. His sixth album, What Doesn’t Break was released in 2016, after he relocated to LA.

Back in 2013, he released a video based upon his song “Bears”, bringing him international acclaim with the Bear community. In 2014 he appeared in a murder mystery movie, Out to Kill which has been shown at LGBT film festivals throughout the country. This fall he is playing gigs in New York, Boston, Atlanta, Georgia, Florida, and Nashville.

He says he doesn’t take his responsibility to the LGBT community lightly. He is respectful of the history that took place before his generation and he believes the LGBT community is resilient and will be able to overcome all obstacles in their way. He doesn’t care about politics, but said he cares about connecting with people and helping them heal. He said he has felt that politics, this year, has divided family and friends.

His newly released music video, “Click” is now on YouTube. It is an interactive video with 12 different storylines where the viewer gets to choose their own “romance” and build their own story. The song is available on Spotify and ITunes.

Tom Goss said his goal is to be authentic, create art, and keep connecting with people. On his website he describes himself as, “an LA singer-songwriter who loves recording my songs, making music videos and playing live.” After seeing his concert, I think he will be connecting to people for a long time.

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