Tips for gay and lesbian real estate buyers


REAL ESTATE – Location is everything, so how do you find gay communities in New Jersey and elsewhere

“Location, location, location” can sometimes be a little too much like the expression “water, water, everywhere—but not a drop to drink” for those real estate shoppers who want to ensure that they own a home in a gay-friendly new jersey neighborhood. There are tons of houses on the market right now, and buying opportunities are fantastic. In fact, the inventory of bargain priced homes for sale is larger and more diversified than it has been in decades. But the question in the mind of most LGBT buyers is whether or not the location of the property is also adequately and appropriately diversified. Before making the biggest and most important purchase and investment of a lifetime, it helps to know whether or not the money is going into a neighborhood that will not only support the value of the real estate but also the values and lifestyle of the homeowner.