Time-ing of the essence


Out of the Broomcloset 

One is asked all sorts of questions over the phone.  Lower down on the list from “what are you wearing?” often comes why did my spell/ritual/thing not work?  At least I receive these sorts of inquiries.  In a world of multitasking and interconnection, the short answer is, in the words of Shirley McLaine, “It’s all in the timing”.  Some authors would have you believe that any magic can be done at anytime, as long as the intention is there.  This is true, up to a point; but why work against the current, rather than allowing it to assist you? Yes, it requires a bit of patience, and a bit of math, but the result is fewer failures.

Let’s begin with the big picture. We reckon time by the passage of Earth around the Sun, or by the phases of the Moon, or some combination of the two. We count off by 24 hour days, even though the actual time involved is a bit more, so various calculations are done to bring the two into agreement (such as the Leap Year). The division of time into weeks is an inheritance from Mesopotamia.