“Throuple” is as beautiful as the Hawaiian scenery

Scene in the movie
Scene in the movie "Throuple"

The movie Throuple is set in Hawaii. James (Jordan Turchin) and Lexi (Ingrid Vollset) run away from the mainland, having had an odd career in the film industry in hopes of resetting the dynamic of their line of work while also resetting their romance. The carefree James finds their new home quite boring, or at the very least, very ineffective in he and Lexi’s efforts to rekindle their love for one another.

While the couple spends their days essentially trapped in their new paradise home, neighbors Will, Skunk, and Remy intrigue the couple with their unique lifestyle, one that that James and Lexi can easily observe from their home. Meanwhile, a different neighbor, Hayward, keeps a close watch on both couples, unbeknownst to them. James, having the time to spare, decides to get to know the new neighbors, delighted to make three, new, incredible friends. As it turns out, the three neighbors are in all in love… with each other. Alongside of James’ new friends, James and Lexi continue their journey of rekindling their love, ultimately learning a few incredible lessons from their less than traditional neighbors.

Scene in the movie "Throuple"
Scene in the movie “Throuple”

With charming dialogue, gentle humor, and unexpected plot changes, Payson and Eisenberg paint a picture as beautiful as the Hawaiian scenery. Throuple was very enjoyable to view, and is a solid recommendation from this reviewer.


Johnny Walsh
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