This Holiday, do not go to the mall

Out In Jersey magazine Editor Sam MartinoEditor’s Letter

Holidays are a difficult time for many people, but we must continue to keep a positive attitude and be the change we want to see in the world.

One thing we can do is start by shopping locally, in this issue we have a gift centerfold for merchants in Asbury Park, NJ. If at all possible, go by these stores and check out the items they have for sale, or purchase a gift certificate for someone, by doing this you drive business to your town and help your local businesses runing, it’s a win win.

If you can’t get to Asbury Park, shop in your neighborhood. Don’t go to the mall where things are a dime a dozen and all look the same. Being an artist, I appreciate when someone goes into the local salon or art gallery and purchases a piece of my art. Or you can always buy a magazine subscription for someone, I personally love magazine subscriptions, hint hint.

Speaking of local, almost every town has a food bank, and they are always low on goods. If  you want to do something kind, drop off a few cases of canned goods or whatever they need. They will appreciate it. I have a Facebook friend who started giving out sleeping bags to the homeless in her town, once she started doing that it caught on and, people started donating sleeping bags for her to give.

Then there are the elderly LGBT people, many are alone and have no one to spend the holidays with, invite someone to dinner and listen to their story. Yes, listen, really listen, their stories are often fascinating.

Then there is you. This season treat yourself to something special. Gifting and giving comes from the heart, and from what I hear, if you aren’t right with yourself, you can’t be right with anyone else.

From everyone here at Out In Jersey, thank you for your continued support.

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year.