There is no cancelling Miss Richfield 1981

Miss Richfield 1981
Miss Richfield 1981

Wherever Ms. Richfield 1981 brings her unique brand of biting comic wit and prudent lifestyle tips, audiences flock to see her and commune with her daffy, whimsical persona.

Gracing performance spaces around the world, she hails from the verdant, pastoral land of Richfield, Minnesota where, as she puts it, “butter is a spice and gravy is a beverage.”

She entertained audiences throughout the pandemic with her virtual Bingo Bonanza series that continues to run the final Monday of every month. It’s free to play along, with prizes, frivolity, and frequent visits from Miss Richfield’s cat Louis.

She brings her latest stage show, Cancel Cultured Pearls, to Manhattan’s Triad Theater Nov. 4th, and 5th, as well as New Hope’s Clarion Inn Nov. 19th.

Miss Richfield 1981 took time between performance preparations to chat, reflect on the glories of being crowned, and more.

Was winning a cinch for you, or did you have to compete fiercely for your title?

Miss Richfield 1981: I did have to compete, meaning I had to purchase a gown — I got a beautiful rainbow gown! It had sparkles only on the front, but that’s really all people see. So, I did have to do that, and I of course had my hair done. I also wore lipstick that day, I remember. But in the end, it really was Trudy Olson who was twirling three flaming batons, lost control and took out all the other contestants, so in the end it became a bit more of a cinch since I was the only contestant left after the fire…I won the title and the beautiful tiara, the sash, the power lawnmower…it was all mine!

For those unfortunates who haven’t had the pleasure, how would you describe the evening in store for someone with a ticket to see your show?

MR: Cancel Cultured Pearls is my show this year. I’ve got all new costumes and new music and all of that. What I do this year that I’ve never done before is I talk about specific times where people have tried to cancel me. I talk about that and show pictures, and I’m gonna sing about it, and I’m gonna explain to people how they can react to that — you know, being cancelled — because that’s a big thing, it’s what the kids want to do, they want to cancel things! I’ve never cancelled anything in my life…including this interview.

Miss Richfield 1981
Miss Richfield 1981

You’ve worn your patriotism proudly over the years. Would you consider running for political office?

MR: You know, I don’t know if I would run. I find it to be sort of a negative environment, you know? But maybe I should run for office and cheer everybody up a little bit. Now you’re giving me thoughts. I’d have to think about that. When is the next Presidential election?


MR: I have time! I could plan that! But I do like our current President. I don’t know if I want to take anything away from him. Maybe City Council or something. Give me some time to think about it and get back to you. If I do it, you’ll be the first to know.

Have you been able to find time for a Mr. Richfield, or are you still a single gal?

MR: Well, I’m keeping my single status because I’ve really prepared for the next beauty pageant. I’m keeping my single status, my trailer, trying to maintain eligibility for future pageants — one could be right around the corner, Rudy. Plus, I’m always keeping my girlish figure up, always having my hair done — I drop it off Tuesday, and pick it up Friday for the week, and I’m ready to go! There’s time, of course, but I can’t take that chance on spoiling my virginity. You know how rumors start.

There is so much negativity out there. What does Miss Richfield 1981 do to stay sane in these crazy times?

Miss Richfield 1981 wearing an American Flag skirt
Miss Richfield 1981

MR: I’ll tell you what I do — I focus on me. I find that I don’t look out a lot — I do want to keep up, I don’t want to be dumbo and not know what’s going on — but at the same time, you know, I don’t get too wrapped up in it. I try to remember the scripture verse that Jesus said. He was having that last lunch with his disciples, right before everything really went south, and they took that picture. You’ve seen the photo of them all eating the dinner together, and you may remember in the Bible that one of the last words that Jesus said to his disciples was “It’s important to be nice, but it’s nicer to be important.” I try to remember that, and I think I’m pretty important, so that makes me feel good.

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