The Showgirl; Jolina Jasmine heads to the Borgata for Pride Bingo

Jolina Jasmine wearing a large silver necklace
Jolina Jasmine photos from Facebook

NYC’s Jolina Jasmine says her heart is always in the Garden State.

Jolina Jasmine wearing light blue dress
Jolina Jasmine photos from Facebook

If you’re looking for acrobatic skills with a healthy dose of glamour, Jolina Jasmine is the Queen whose shows you want to be in the front row for. This multiple titleholder has recently started appearing in New York City, but her heart is always in the Garden State. Jasmine will be appearing with a litany of other East Coast queens (and RuPaul’s Drag Race alum and actor Shangela) at Pride Bingo at Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa on December 7, 2019.

There was absolutely no better time to sit down with Jasmine for a talk about all things casino, her best game, and what she considers the biggest “gamble” she has taken in her career.

What would you consider your best casino game?

Jolina Jasmine: Blackjack. Hands down. I’ve always been very lucky with that one!

What do you consider the biggest gamble you have ever taken in your career?

JJ: I’m known for a high energy dance aesthetic. However, I took a gamble and attempted camp drag and quickly realized that not only was I good at it, but I thoroughly enjoy it as well!

The Queen is one of the most popular cards in the deck; tell me, what makes a phenomenal queen?

JJ: A phenomenal drag queen is one who can balance a great work ethic and professionalism while remaining humble.

In life, what is the biggest “jackpot” you have won, personal or career-wise?

JJ: Making a successful transition into the New York City drag scene. It’s a very competitive city, and I’m glad to know that I can hang with the best of the best!

Everyone has their “Ace” in their performance arsenal; what do you consider your ace that truly sets you apart from the rest?

Jolina Jasmine wearing a pink dress
Jolina Jasmine photos from Facebook

JJ: I grew up as a gymnast, so doing many acrobatic stunts in heels throughout my performances is definitely my ace.

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