The Raven Resort in New Hope is for sale

Outdoor seating at the Raven bar, restaurant and resort in New Hope, PA
Outdoor seating at the Raven bar, restaurant and resort in New Hope, PA

The Raven Resort in New Hope, Pa., has been listed for sale. A Sotheby’s spokesperson confirmed the price at $5.9 million, and includes the business, land, structures, equipment, inventory, and liquor license. The listing agent predicts the site will remain a dining and entertainment center.

The Raven is New Hope’s last remaining LGBT bar and restaurant. It has 2.4 acres of prime real estate with lots of parking, plus a popular restaurant, three bar areas, a dozen hotel rooms, a guesthouse, a small pool with lounge areas, and a large dance floor for the club.

The Raven’s long history

The hotel was built in the 1940s as the Brookemore Hotel and was expanded in 1955. In 1974, new owners made it an LGBT destination, which it has been since under many different owners.

Support our Business Partners

Part owner Steven Lau is in a court battle in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania against his business partners that has been dragging on for about two years.

New Hope resident and business owner Peter Markowicz was hopeful the club would live on in its present form. “I want the Raven to find the right owners, and continue doing business as a gay club,” he said to the New Hope Free Press. “The Raven is a New Hope landmark.”