The “Queen of Delco” Aunt Mary Pat DiSabatino

Troy Hendrickson, aka Miss Troy, created the character Aunt Mary Pat DiSabatino.
Troy Hendrickson, aka Miss Troy, created the character Aunt Mary Pat DiSabatino.

Divas unite: Meet Miss Troy and Aunt Mary Pat DiSabatino

Miss Troy has emerged as a prolific performer in the local drag scene. She competed in Drag Wars and all over the Philadelphia and South Jersey area. With the addition of Aunt Mary Pat DiSabatino, Troy Hendrickson has taken on a whole new legion of fans, both “Iggles” and beyond!

I caught up with Miss Troy to chat about the local drag scene, the influence on drag of RuPaul’s Drag Race, and the biggest issues in the community today. Miss Troy did have to depart our interview early, but thankfully Aunt Mary Pat DiSabatino was on hand to chat with me for a while as well. We caught up on her sudden fame, the effect on her family, and what’s next for this Delco darling!

Michael Cook: Miss Troy, how did you enter into the world of drag? 

Troy Hendrickson, aka Miss Troy, created the character Aunt Mary Pat DiSabatino.
Troy Hendrickson, aka Miss Troy, created the character Aunt Mary Pat DiSabatino.

Miss Troy: Well, like many others I was inspired by RuPaul’s Drag Race! I thought “hey! I wanna try that!” So I started performing at amateur drag shows and taking every opportunity I had to perform. I eventually started branching out of my local scene.

For those that have never seen Miss Troy live, describe your performance style.

MT: I describe Miss Troy as a glamorous hot mess. I love wearing gowns and jewels, but I still like being wacky and funny. My favorite thing to do is live impersonations. I’ve done everyone from Caitlyn Jenner, to Hillary Clinton, to Sarah Huckabee Sanders. I also love becoming Mariah Carey. My goal, in drag, is to always make the audience have fun and laugh.

You are a very prominent name in the Philadelphia drag scene; tell me about what that scene is like? What are some of your favorite memories?  

MT: Thank you! It’s been hard work. I started by doing competitions and charity events, just taking the time to put myself out there. I had a positive experience doing Philly Drag Wars, and that really helped me take off. The scene is so diverse and full of so much talent. Philly Drag, as a whole, does not get enough credit. I love my sisters. And I love Philly. But I will say to all up and comers — take every opportunity you get, shine, and stay humble.

RuPaul’s Drag Race has done a great deal for the community, but also has its detractors; what is your opinion on its impact on the drag community. Any thought on ever auditioning for the show possibly? 

MT: RuPaul’s Drag Race is a phenomenon and brought drag into the mainstream. But it’s a TV show. Take it for what it is! It’s not that serious. So many amazing queens have come from that show. I likely will audition this upcoming year. I’d love to get on and show the world what I got! We need Philly representation!

What do you think are the biggest issues facing both the drag community and the LGBT community as a whole today? 

MT: I think just acceptance and diversity. Especially from within our own communities. We need to support and lift each other up, not try and tear each other down. I support and love anyone brave enough to put themselves out there. We need to stop pointing fingers and fighting amongst ourselves. When we are united, nothing can stop us. Obviously, we have big issues within the outside world, but together we can take it on and win.

What can we find Troy doing when Miss Troy is off stage? 

MT: Usually I’m lounging in sweat pants and (gasp) flats! Playing video games, spending time with my kids, or watching Little Women Atlanta.

Miss Troy needs to suddenly leave, but sends in Aunt Mary Pat to chat with me

Aunt Mary Pat thank you for joining me, this is a real treat! How does it feel to be a true sensation in the area suddenly? 

Aunt Mary Pat: Friggin crazy hun! But I’m living it up! What a friggin year for Philadelphia!

Tell me about how you came to such prominence in the area suddenly? 

AMP: I think cuz I’m real and relatable hun! And I’m such a loud mouth and say whatever is on my mind.

You visited Geno’s Steaks in Philadelphia with your girlfriend Rita Marie; do you think we may see you taking any more field trips to visit local establishments? A visit to Wawa could be interesting…

AMP: Hell yeah hun! We’ll be doing more of our “Around the World…” series soon, visiting local businesses and showing off our amazing area!

You have been taking visits to establishments all over multiple states. Do you have any goals in terms of places to perform? 

AMP: I just love going out there, having fun, party, party, party, and making people happy! I go anywhere from dive bars to big stages. I just want to reach as many people as possible!

How has suddenly being a sensation affected your husband Larry and your daughter Kelly? 

AMP: Larry is shy, but he loves coming with me. Everyone loves Lar! My asshole Doorter is using me to ask other people for money! She started another go fund me! I can’t friggin believe it. She needs a job!

What’s next for Aunt Mary Pat?

AMP: We’re focusing on more music, a web series, a talk show, and of course tons of events!

Last question; is Fireball still crucial to the Aunt Mary Pat performance? 

AMP: It’s synonymous with me now. But I don’t need it to perform. It burns my friggin throat; I’m still waiting to hear from them! Thank you, to youse all who buy me the shots… but stop trying to get my drunk!