The Queen Bee Mariah is Giving you Life


Mariah 2014Whether it’s running Mariah Media Group (where she is CEO and founder), leading her daughter’s Girl Scout Troop, or tangling with the women on Bravo’s “Married to Medicine” Mariah Huq certainly has her hands full. This “Queen Bee” took some time to chat with me about her thoughts on “Housewives” comparisons and a new show she is creating. And she gave a first class lesson in “Mariah-isms”!

How did you come up with the initial concept for “Married to Medicine”? 

Well, I have a background in journalism myself, I was a news anchor and a news producer in the past. I’m always thinking in terms of the media. I was actually approached about joining the cast of “The Real Housewives Of Atlanta” and my husband Aydin and I made a conscientious decision to really do something a little Mariah on Bravomore. We wanted to expose and feature the medical community. We literally work and play with doctors, and it’s really our own little circle, and no one was doing it. We thought it would be a great opportunity.

Speaking of the Housewives, “Married to Medicine” follows “Atlanta”on Sundaynights, and there have been comparisons between the shows since the premiere. How do feel about comparisons between your show and Nene and company? 

I think it’s a compliment really. I can’t say anything negative about “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” because they really paved the way for us. I think for them to be our lead in on the schedule is amazing, and I really feel blessed to be in that position. When I’m compared to them, I take it as a compliment and only a compliment, they’re breaking records left and right.

Is there anyone from the “Atlanta” cast that you think would be a great fit on the “Married to Medicine” cast, who would you choose?

You know what, sometimes a person that would be a great fit on a show is perfect because they actually wouldn’t fit. They just come on and cause alot of chaos! I would have to say Nene Leakes, I need a friend on my show. She’s no nonsense and I like that about her.

Right now, you and fellow cast member Quad (Webb-Lunceford) are embroiled in a heated fued. During last season, the two of you looked like you had a very close and genuine friendship. How does it feel to watch it play out on screen? 

It is hard, but it’s good for me to watch it. No one ever would have been able to tell me that it would have happened this way. It’s a tough pill to swallow, I question Mariah 2014now if we ever were truly friends, seeing now the lengths that she is willing to go to “destroy me”. No matter how upset she is, there are certain places that you never go.

The gay boys absolutely love you and have become big fans of the show. You certainly have your own lingo, which people have become addicted to. Care to give me a breakdown of “Mariah-isms”?


  • “Catch” – Did ya get that? You better listen real close, because you’re about to miss it!
  • “Check your email” – that means you need to be up to date! You are lagging when it comes to the information. You are out of date totally!
  • “Gag” – Ohh honey, that means you need to throw up your life! It means you are full of excitement and you are just full of life, you’re just too much!
  • “Yasss” – Ohh that’s just over the top! “Yass” means that you’re just giving me life, you may even be giving a few people death!

The Huq family is a good looking family! Was it hard to put the whole clan out front and center for the cameras? Do you feel your portrayal is fair? 

You know, I have to be honest, I don’t. I think it’s tough for me, I have dual roles on the show, dealing with things both on and off camera. I don’t know if “fairly” is necessarily the word, but I don’t think the show at this point, has had a true depiction of “The Incredible Huq’s”. I do understand however, that it’s an ensemble show with seven cast members.

You have yet to see me in the workplace, to see the businesses that I successfully run. The same thing goes for my mom, you’ve seen Mama Lucy hit someone with a purse, but you haven’t gotten a chance to see the kind of mother and grandmother that she is. Those are the things that I struggle with in terms of my decision to have my family in front of the cameras. I think in time people will have a pretty good and complete view of me.

There are several parts of your life that viewers don’t get to see, including your work with your husband’s family foundation in Bangladesh, where you are currently working on building a hospital in name of your late father in law…

Absolutely. My husband is one of four doctors, his brothers are physicians as well. When his father passed away, that was his last wish, to have them build a hospital there. We went to Bangladesh back in December, to get started. They purchased the land, and now the facility is in the process of being built. We have a lot of work ahead of us, but we are very excited to put the facility there because it’s so needed.

Many people are waiting to see what could be coming next from Mariah Media Group, which you are the CEO and founder. Do you think we may see a “Married to Medicine L.A.” sometime soon? 

Honestly, I’m producing other shows right now, I really like exposing different cultures. I’m working on a show now that features a Persian family that own several restaurants here in Atlanta. It’s kind of like “Vanderpump Rules” meets “The Shas Of Sunset”. It’s going to be phenomenal. They are our best friends, so we’re really looking forward to it. Ayden and I just recently launched a diet program as well, and have a line of diet products called Cinnamon Girl Diets. Everything from protein bars to shakes to appetite suppressants. I lost 14 pounds on it and Ayden lost 18! We’re launching it in the U.S., Dubai, Africa, and in Bangladesh. We’re trying to do it big, we’re worldwide around here!

“Married to Medicine” airs Sundays at 9pm ET/PT on Bravo.