The Newark Gay Pride 15th Anniversary will be an online event

Newark Gay Pride 2020 promo pic

Newark organization postpones the in-person celebration

Newark Gay Pride is heeding the directives from the state of New Jersey and the City of Newark. The organization will implement virtual programming from July 13-19. The in-person LGBTQ Pride Parade and festival in New Jersey’s largest city will resume in 2021 said organizers in a statement.

Walk With Us For Black Queer Lives march on June 7, 2020
Walk With Us For Black Queer Lives march on June 7, 2020. Photo by Cathy Renna.

“These are some trying times as people in our community fight COVID-19, racism, poverty, transphobia and homophobia simultaneously,” said Newark Gay Pride president, Sharronda Wheeler. “Despite the obstacles, LGBTQ Newarkers are fearless, bold and strong and Newark Pride remains here for the community. We just have to think about Pride differently during these times.”

The statement said, “Newark Gay Pride will stand with the protestors of Black Lives Matter and will lead the fight for racial equality by encouraging our White LGBTQ community partners and allies to acknowledge white privilege, discuss race and eradicate racist practices affecting LGBTQ people of color.”

“I’m proud to say that over 1500 people attended the Black Lives Matter march from Newark to South Orange on June 7,” said Wheeler. “Since 2005, LGBTQ Newarkers look forward to seeing the rainbow flag fly above Newark City Hall. We have come a long way since our humble beginnings in 2005.”

“It was disappointing to have to postpone an important [15 year] milestone in our organization’s history,” said Newark Gay Pride Founder, June Dowell-Burton. “But we had to make public health a priority.”

“We are at an important moment in our history when navigating our blackness and gayness may seem even more overwhelming. Our virtual programming will speak to the issues of today,” said Dowell-Burton. “Newark Gay Pride has so much more to accomplish and under Sharronda’s leadership, I’m sure whatever is in sight will get done.”

Newark Gay Pride Founder, June Dowell-Burton
Newark Gay Pride Founder, June Dowell-Burton

Newark Gay Pride in a statement asked that community partners, sponsors and Newark’s LGBTQ community get involved in the virtual Newark Pride Week to be held July 13-19. The virtual programming will include: the flag raising, LGBTQ People of Color and the 2020 Census, the Artists Corner, Tuesday Tea, The Pebble That Started the Ripple: Remembering Sakia Gunn, and Black and Brown United.

Newark Gay Pride requests the community’s input for additional ideas for the week. Please contact Sharronda “Love” Wheeler at or call 732-766-7141.