“The Neighbor” is an impactful film showing the damage hatred and lack of empathy can cause

A scene from "The Neighbor" movie
A scene from "The Neighbor" movie

The Neighbor is a new movie that shows the horrible effects of what happens when hatred and unaccepting people take away the light that a beautiful relationship brings. If there is one thing that could make this world a better place, it would be if we all showed more empathy to one another. Some people at times have a hard time extending that, especially to those in the LGBTQ community.

Ricardo and Luca are a young gay couple who share a passionate love. When Luca is brutally attacked in an act of hatred, their love is put under intense scrutiny. Michelle Costabile and Jacopo Costantini star in the film. They face harassment by neo-Nazi skinheads.

The film takes us on a journey showing their beautiful romance in the past. And despite being so misunderstood by Luca’s family, and the painful future they are now having to deal with they show that love is love.

The Neighbor is an outstanding movie. The Italian LGBTQ drama is from filmmaker Pasquale Marrazzo.

Also starring in the movie are Luisa Vernelli, Lucia Vasini, Rossana Gay, and Antonio Rosti. Due to the intense subject matter it can be a bit of a hard watch at times. The Neighbor shows in a profound way how important it is to accept others and the choices that make them happy in life, even if you cannot fully understand.

Ricardo and Luca share such a brave love despite so much adversity that has been shown to them. Even in the midst of hatred and pain, their love never fades away.

The characters in this movie all are complex, especially Ricardo. His character goes through a very challenging journey and you can feel his hurt in a moving way. The film is compelling and features a depth which we do not see in many mainstream movies today. It’s impactful messages also could have an especially important impact for people who have a hard time seeing the truth that love is love.

Despite having a couple hard to watch sad scenes, The Neighbor is an excellent drama. It features beautiful romantic scenes. It is honest. And it features a storyline that is definitely needed for the times we’re living in now. The Neighbor will remind others that love is beautiful and valid, even if it does not look how you think it should.

4/5 stars