The movie “Lonesome” shows the importance of embracing heartfelt connections

Josh Lavery is standing shirtless and wearing a cowboy hat
Lonesome: Josh Lavery photo from JJ Splice website.

Casey runs away from his small farming town after a traumatic incident

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Lonesome movie poster with (R) Josh Lavery, and (L) Daniel Gabriel. M-Appeal & JJ Splec Films

Finding and embracing genuine connections can be hard, especially for those of us in the LGBTQ community. At our core, all humans just want to feel love and be accepted and to find that in a way that makes them feel good.

It can be hard while being single to be faced with the painful reality that loneliness can bring. Lonesome is a film that dives into these hard topics and begs to ask the question, is this really the kind of connection we want?

The film follows a young man named Casey, who is running away from his small farming town after a traumatic incident. He is now heading to Sydney, Australia to start his life over. Shortly after arriving, he meets Tib during a hookup. Together they go on a journey that leads them to question some important things about themselves and discover the importance of having the kind of connection we truly desire.

The storyline here has the potential to be very relatable to a much wider audience. Many of us struggle with loneliness from time to time and the underlying theme of not letting those difficult feelings lead us into destructive situations is portrayed in an outstanding way. The story is infused with good drama without coming off as too sappy.

Lonesome: Josh Lavery photo from JJ Splice website.

Lonesome portrays two men getting to know each other and getting to see the importance of being with someone that understands you. This is such a great message for anyone to see, especially now in the age of digital dating. The two lead characters are very well thought out, likable, and genuine.

Actors Josh Lavery and Daniel Gabriel do an excellent job of keeping both of their performances grounded and sincere. The chemistry they showcased was also another highlight to note. The romantic scenes were some of the most beautiful moments in Lonesome. That would not have been possible if the chemistry was not present.

The screenplay is also very well done. The dialogue and interactions in the movie script added a layer of depth that enhanced the story. The film is very sexually charged. It fit the storyline and was helpful in showcasing important aspects of character development. However, at times it may have gone just a bit too far.

Despite that one criticism, Lonesome is an outstanding movie. It is direct with its important message, and the cast and director are not afraid to delve into hard issues that the gay community faces. It has so much depth and such an inspiring message. Lonesome is one of the movies you do not want to miss.

4.5/5 stars