“The Mattachine Family” is a touching drama of the power of love

"The Mattachine Family" movie cast on a beach
"The Mattachine Family" movie cast on a beach

The Mattachine Family is a new film that explores the importance of connection, while also not forgetting to fulfill the things that matter most to your own individual heart. Having people we can lean into for comfort and real love is such an important thing for everyone. No matter the relationship dynamic, blood relative, chosen family, romantic or platonic — having those who truly understand us and listen is such an amazing aspect of life.

Starring Nico Tortorella, Juan Pablo Di Pace, and Emily Hampshire The Mattachine Family picks up at a critical moment in the life of our protagonist, Thomas. The child he and his husband, Oscar (Di Pace), fostered has been reunited with his birth mother and Oscar’s long-stagnant career as an actor has picked up and sent him to Michigan for months of filming.

Thomas and Oscar are a couple that share a beautiful love. They decided to foster a young boy for almost a year. Unfortunately, he is given back to his biological mom. When that happens, Thomas starts to realize that he really craves a different type of connection in his life.

The couple must decide if their romantic bond is enough to fulfill their differences and the void that occurs in Thomas’ life after he spends time alone once again.

This movie has such a sweetness filled in. It strikes the perfect balance in the messaging of appreciating the comfort and love from those who care about us while not forgetting to neglect your own heart’s desires. Those two themes end up being truly moving.

An aspect of the film that is beautiful is the friendship Thomas shares with his close friends Jamie, Sonia, and Annie. The connection is portrayed on screen in such a heartfelt and real way. You can feel the comfort that true friends bring by just being around.

Despite the gay couples relationship featuring some unique work challenges with extended separations and travel needs the romance seems to endure the seperations. Thomas and Oscar are very much in love. But the storyline examines how certain specific events can actually help a person to find their true needs and life purpose. That is a very special element and is at the core of this film.

Andy Vallentine is an excellent director with a powerful story to tell. Acclaimed actor, writer, and director Zach Braff, who recently worked on another movie drama, A Good Person, shows off his skills once again. He is the film’s executive producer. He shows his talent for choosing and creating impactful films.

While this film is not perfect as it features some overly familiar themes, The Mattachine Family is still a stellar effort. It features a few amazingly moving messages that will leave an effect on you. The Mattachine Family presents a fresh honesty and great storyline that reminds us to to treasure this life you have while always embracing the community of people that have been placed around you.

Thee are some very moving performances from the actors and awesome cinematography. Putting it all together, the film The Mattachine Family is an inspiring yet not overly groundbreaking watch.

4/5 stars