The Macqua show excels with “dark ambiance”



“Standing outside in the middle of the night, after a hectic workday, gazing at the moon.” is how Meike Vollmar describes the starting point of her Fall 2009 collection.  The Macqua Show in New York City on February 19, 2009 totally dazzled all of those lucky enough to merit an invitation. It was obvious from the moment you entered the room, Meike Vollmar worked tirelessly to create such a beautifully dark ambiance to compliment the clothing and accessories in the collection. A conflict between the materialistic world’s business woman who is eager to succeed, showing her strength in adopting some masculine shapes, tailored jackets, and manly vests; and the dreamer, the woman who knows that there is more to all of this acquisitive and who is escaping to nature, by gazing at the moon.