The Cottage Sessions CD by Scott Freedman



A four-year absence from the music scene can mean certain death to any artist. However, Skott Freedman has channeled the last four years of life changes and self-discovery into The Cottage Sessions, a collection of eleven of the most moving and heartfelt songs he has written to date. 

“For me,” Freedman said, “this album is about cycles, beginnings, middles and struggling victories that make us begin again.” Freedman who is a New Jersey native now resides in San Diego. He was the recipient of the 2002 Outmusic Awards for Best New Recording. To his loyal fans, and there are many, the simple mention of his long awaited fifth album The Cottage Sessions is stirring an excitement that stands as testimony to his charisma and creative brilliance. Few artists can claim a fan base of such loyalty and admiration.