“The Civil Dead” is a tale of a ghostly connection

Clay Tatum on a laptop and Whitmer Thomas is standing in the background
The Civil Dead: Clay Tatum and (background) Whitmer Thomas. Photo by Utopia Distribution

The Civil Dead tells the story of two men’s connection and evolution

Clay Tatum and Whitmer Thomas on the poster
The Civil Dead. Photo by Utopia Distribution

A darker version of the beloved story Casper may be a simple and silly way to describe this new drama coming out in February. Here we have a film that is definitely unique, but one that people will walk away feeling different about humanity and how we view those around us.

The Civil Dead tells the story of two men’s connection and evolution, only that one of these men, Whit, is a ghost that lost his life unfortunately too soon because of a tragedy. He ends up haunting Clay, who happens to be a filmmaker residing in the Los Angeles area. Wanting to be friends with the alive man, Whit continues to make attempts to try and build a relationship. Unfortunately, Clay is not choosing to take it too kindly, yet he still tries his best to give this friendly soul a chance despite his fears and uncertainty about the situation.

The film then leads us all the way to one of the most shocking endings in recent cinema history. The story has such beautiful messages. The importance of acceptance and putting aside other people’s differences is shown here in an elevated way, and it works great. The value in appreciating others’ lives is also shown here, and that message will leave the viewer with a lingering sting after the chill-inducing finale.

All the main actors were stellar with their performances. However, the standout here would definitely be Whitmer Thomas as our charming, ghostly lead. So much heart and empathy were put into his character portrayal that will pull the viewer in and not let you go throughout the story.

The story was also well thought out. There have been many movies that focus on the role of human connections, and despite this one putting such an artistic and bizarre spin on the story, it still came across as 100% genuine as a heartfelt, moving, and at times jarring film.

The Civil Dead is a wonderful piece of art that people can take some great messages from. It is well-acted and directed, and it all comes together to be one crazy journey well worth being immersed in. 4.5/5 stars