The Cape May Animal Shelter has the gift that keeps on giving

Meet Wonka at the Cape May Animal Shelter
Meet Wonka at the Cape May Animal Shelter

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Meet Wonka. This American Staffordshire Terrier and Chesapeake Bay Retriever mix arrived at the shelter as a stray a year ago. He was scared, skinny, and neglected. Now, his beautiful red coat shines, and he is a healthy 60 pounds.

Shelter volunteers love Wonka to bits because he is so affectionate and eager to learn new things. He has learned to walk nicely on the leash and play politely in the yard. He relaxes easily in a crate, which facilitates and easy transition from shelter life to a home. When visiting the home of volunteers, he is calm, good with the children, very well-mannered, and appears to be house trained. He is an excellent passenger in the car and falls asleep (treating you to loud snores) almost immediately. He would do well in an adult-only household as an only pet, or a household with older kids. Vaccinations are up to date. And he is neutered.

Meet Argo at the Cape May Animal Shelter
Meet Argo at the Cape May Animal Shelter

Meet Argo. This cool dude is about two years old and full of personality. He loves people! He’s long overdue for a real, loving home after being an outdoor stray for most of his life.

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Like lots of other cats, he’s not so sure about dogs and small children since he’s never really been around them. Why not visit Argo and spend some time getting to know this sweet little guy? His vaccinations are up to date and he’s neutered.

Communities throughout the United States are confronted with finding solutions for large numbers of homeless pets. As a tourist and retirement destination, Cape May County faces additional unique challenges. The Cape May County Animal Shelter seeks to ensure humane treatment of all animals within the county, and to foster a spirit of cooperation between the various animal advocacy organizations.

Please visit Cape May County Animal Shelter, 110 Shelter Road, Cape May Court House, NJ