Susan Miller’s forecast for 2021

Susan Miller from Astrology Zone
Susan Miller from Astrology Zone

Susan Miller breaks down 2021 and celebrates the 25th Anniversary of her website

When Susan Miller gave her first forecast to Out In Jersey, it became one of the Top three most read stories online at After 2020 became one of the most unpredictable years in world history, Susan Miller is back to break down 2021 as she celebrates the 25th anniversary of her website, and the release of her new calendar.

Susan Miller from Astrology Zone
Susan Miller from Astrology Zone

Can you differentiate as well as describe the significance of the Sun Sign, Rising Sign and lastly Moon Sign?

Susan Miller: The sun sign is the face you give to the world. The rising sign interacts with it and is the reason why all Pisces, Virgo, etc. are not the same. Moreover, the rising sign sets the profession. You are always two signs unless you are born at dawn; babies born at dawn have the same rising sign as the sun sign, so it makes them very true to their sign. On the contrary, the moon sign plays a different role for each person depending on the time of birth. The moon is your emotional state and how you react emotionally. If you are born at night, any time after the sun went down, then the moon sign holds higher significance and should be regarded with just as much importance as your sun sign.

2020 has been highlighted by the rare Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto conjunction also known as the Great Transformation. Initially deemed an innovator, this transit ultimately became viewed as a curse by many ala Covid-19. With the three planets finally separating January 2021 – what does this mean for 2021 as a whole?

SM: Well, now there is something else that has come up; the feature of 2021 is the square of Saturn and Uranus. Saturn is in Aquarius and Uranus is in Taurus, which is a 90-degree angle. They are both fixed signs, meaning neither one of them want to budge, but they are going to have to. Saturn rules the past and Uranus rules the future. The public discussion will be what do we want to save from the past that is valuable to us, and what do we want for our future.

What are some themes which will dominate 2021 on a larger scale that we will all be affected by?

SM: When you have many planets in Capricorn, such as January 2020 when there were six planets in Capricorn, you see more conservative governments. Take for example America, England, and Turkey. Capricorn is a big money sign that values history, the past, preservation, and familiarity as a whole. Now with seven planets moving into Aquarius this year, you are going to witness a liberal wave highlighted by more experimentation and technological advances. In 2020 Mars, Venus, and Mercury were all retrograde which made way for continuous obstacles. You had to be so deliberate about the dates you chose to take action on, otherwise your venture or relationship faced adversary. 2021 is a much cleaner year with less interference from retrogrades.

The recent December 14th 2020 Solar Eclipse was in Sagittarius. Furthermore, two of the four eclipses in 2021 are also in Sagittarius. Is 2021 due to be a big year for Sag and Sag Rising?

SM: Yes, 2021 will be personified by change specifically for Sagittarius and Gemini alike. Up until now, the previous eclipses have been in Capricorn and Cancer in conjunction with Aquarius and Leo. These are fixed and cardinal signs which are more difficult. Sagittarius and Gemini are going to dominate the four eclipses this year. They are both mutable signs which is the easiest to experience, because they are so flexible. These two signs are opposite on the zodiac wheel, 180-degrees, six signs away from one another. Gemini has the role of collecting details whereas Sagittarius has the role of making sense of it in the big picture. Receiving accurate information is important to both, which is why a major theme of 2021 is going to be the news, particularly how it is parsed out, verified, and given to us.

On December 19th 2020 Jupiter moved into Aquarius to stay until December 28th 2021. However, from May 13th – July 28th 2021, a rather long period, Jupiter will move into Pisces. What is the significance of Jupiter?

SM: Jupiter is considered the giver of gifts and luck. Every twelve years, each sign receives blessings from Jupiter, lasting anywhere between 10-12 months. 2021 is Aquarius’ emerald year. With that said, Pisces will receive a taste of their emerald year from May to July, before Jupiter eventually enters Pisces at the tail end of the year making for a longer stay in 2022 lasting a total of 10 months. While Pisces won’t get the whole 12 months, Jupiter won’t be retrograde very long in Pisces either, which means it will be stronger for Pisces. This is a quality over quantity situation because Pisces is going to experience a strong Jupiter and won’t be shortchanged.

Based upon Jupiter’s placement, what are each sign’s best aspects for 2021?

SM: Capricorn: is finally going to make some money, and because Saturn is tagging along Jupiter, they are going to save it. Capricorn likes to have money grow while they sleep so they are going to be careful with finances and most likely tuck some away in the bank which will benefit them long-term.

Aquarius: is going to be making headlines. This is going to be a year of change with mixed aspects as teacher-taskmaster Saturn moved into Aquarius December 16, 2020 to stay until March 7, 2023. Saturn has not been in your sign since 1991–94. Fortunately, good fortune Jupiter is in Aquarius for most of 2021 to provide lucky breaks, thrilling opportunities and alleviate the pressure of Saturn whose sacrifices and demands will be felt more in 2022 and 2023. This is the year your life will begin to transform quickly.

Pisces: is due for a quiet year initially up until Jupiter enters their sign in May and then they will make money. This is a very creative sign that will receive the opportunities they have dreamed about. You know what they say, if you knock long enough and loud enough at the palace doors, someone somewhere will let you in. Pisces is going to find this out in 2021-22. Pisces has very good years approaching including 2023 which is when Jupiter will enter their money house.

Aries: is coming off a spectacular career year. Now, they won’t have to work as hard. For Aries, 2020 was about what you know, but 2021 is about who you know. It is important for them to socialize this year. They should consider joining a professional club, attending trade shows and charities to make friends with like-minded people. Group activity will benefit them.

Taurus: is ready to break out, especially those born in April. If they don’t like a situation, they are just going to walk out, because they have Uranus on their sun. Taurus is also going to have a spectacular career year. This is the time for them to make a name for themselves. You will work very hard, but what you work for you get to keep.

Gemini: is coming off a good financial year. Now they have a lot of change coming up, and with the eclipses in their sign, one of the eclipses will be close enough to their birthday for them to be affected with a few surprises. Fortunately, Gemini likes change and handles it well. Publishing, broadcasting, communications, the spreading of information and even travel will be lucky for them.

Cancer: is coming off a rocky year with mixed aspects. They are working hard to make a name for themselves and are earning admiration and respect. All the work they are doing is adding up to something big. By April 2022 they could receive a promotion. However, with Saturn and Jupiter in their house of commissions and other people’s money, they may have to wait for money.

Leo: is going to be tested within their close relationship personally or professionally. Every marriage, and every close relationship, goes through a time where one person must give more than the other. For Leo it is either them or their other half. This is a testing aspect: if the relationship is worthy, they will come out stronger. If not, they will break up. They can also find someone who they will stay with for a long time.

Virgo: This year will be filled with assignments. Virgo loves to have projects and this year they are going to be in demand and will be paid well. They will receive a variety of tasks to do, which means they will learn new things. They may also pick up a new sport or workout routine which will help them to feel better.

Libra: Experienced a hard time throughout 2020 as with all cardinal signs. They have been tested. And now they finally have Jupiter going into their house of love. Children will become an important part of their life; they may even adopt or conceive a baby. This is a fun, light-hearted year, which has been overdue for Libra.

Scorpio: Is going to receive wonderful real estate aspects. They may renovate or redecorate their apartment or house. They could even buy a property. Whatever Scorpio has been meaning to do, they are going to have the time and money to do so. They will receive family support too.

Sagittarius: Is going to travel, and while they may not go far, they are going to experience luxury wherever they go. They will find nice spots to frequent and may purchase a new car as well. Sagittarius is regarded as a friendly, gregarious sign yet there are times where they like to be immersed in nature and self-discovery. Thus, 2021 could find them to be a bit more secluded.

All Mercury Retrogrades cycles in 2020 were in Water Signs. In 2021 all Mercury Retrograde cycles are in Air Signs. Is 2021 due to be a year when Air Signs find success by going back in time?

Susan Miller has a 2021 Calendar
Susan Miller has a 2021 Calendar available for purchase on her website

SM: We all go back in time when Mercury retrogrades. Nevertheless, with air signs specifically, we must talk to each other and debate what to do in an effort to not get slammed by Mercury Retrograde as air is all about communication. When Mercury Retrograde was in water signs throughout 2020, we were intuitively finding out what was wrong and feeling it intensely. In 2021, we are debating it on an intellectual level with less feeling and more problem solving. In general, Mercury Retrograde is a speed bump where the universe requires you to reflect on or revisit the past in some capacity. The more you prepare, the less it bites you.

Quality and compatibility are rarely, if ever discussed. Are signs sometimes more of a match by their quality (Cardinal, Fixed, Mutable) than their element (Air, Earth, Fire, Water)?

SM: It is true that dating within your element is typically better, such as a water sign dating a water sign. Still, if there is a strong presence of multiple elements within your chart, you have more possibilities. Relationships are much more complicated, which is why I do not condone apps like Co-Star because it gives a wealth of information to a layman who has no proper foundation to learn how to use it. Hence, they typically pass up someone who is perfect for them, which is tragic. I truly feel you should give someone a chance before you have their chart read. I do not stress compatibility often however, I offer it for free on my app and website.

Susan Miller’s monthly forecast for each sign can be found on where you can also purchase her 2021 calendar. Download Daily Horoscope AstrologyZone® on the Apple Store for Susan’s daily forecast for each zodiac sign.

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