“Summoning Sylvia” is an exciting horror comedy filled with laughs and heart

"Summoning Sylvia" DVD cover
"Summoning Sylvia" DVD cover

Blending the two opposite film genres of horror and comedy has been done by filmmakers many times. Having some mildly scary elements mixed with good humor seems to be something audiences enjoy seeing on the screen. Summoning Sylvia is a new one just released with a queer twist.

When a group of gay friends rents a house to celebrate one of their upcoming weddings, they soon come to discover the place they chose has a dark history. After the guys end up doing a seance their weekend then turns out to be a lot more spooky than expected.

There is a sense of playfulness and joy throughout Summoning Sylvia. You will enjoy watching these friends have an eventful weekend together. There is much more heart in the film than one may expect. It is surprising to see there was a poignant message mixed into this horror-comedy.

The film brings a fun experience mixed with some true horror. There are a ton of silly jokes that will make you laugh. And most will get some good laughs throughout the brief 75-minute run time.

The four main characters all bring wonderful humor into this haunted house tale. The two standouts of the bunch are Nico and Jamie. Frankie Grande played Nico and is excellent in the role. He made Nico a fierce and witty character. Michael Urie plays Jamie and he also does a wonderful job. He is able to make the character likable and fun.

The movie is simple and straightforward with a lot of familiar elements. At times it may come off as a bit too generic, but the good humor, great performances, and Summoning Sylvia having a focus on gay friends adds an awesome amount of freshness to the story.

Summoning Sylvia is a fun ride to get lost in for a short while. It is entertaining and has plenty to offer that a lot of people will relate to. From horror fans to comedy lovers, and those that are a part of the LGBTQ community, it definitely is a film that many will enjoy. It is a joyful experience — with an added ghostly twist.

4/5 stars