Summer Model Contest


Brendon Wise First Place and Contest Winner

What I feel I can do for the LGBT community, includes various different things. First and for most, bring a feeling of comfort and security in knowing that they are being represented by a real person. Someone who is not in this just for themselves. Sometimes just knowing that a community that you are apart of has someone who is representing that community is a person that you can come to. A person that you can see out and about support LGBT rights and freedoms. I’m not afraid to stand up for what I feel is human rights. My voice is one that is heard though-out my community, not only through my words but my actions as well. Another thing I believe I can help the LGBT Community with is education. Educating your friends and family about homophobia, trans-phobia, and biphobia. From a small town kid only have very few gay influences I can see all sides of the track. How hard it can be for many people to deal with their sexuality, teaching them that there are people out there that care about them, and that person doesn’t always have to be a well known celebrity. They don’t always have to be “just like everyone else” they can be that one person that stands out above the rest. I feel that I am that person that will be remembered for the things that I have done. Its very hard to forget that one read head guy that you saw supporting your local LGBT community.
Some of my interests include, listening/singing to various different forms of music. I love supporting the LGBT groups out there that are making a difference with a gift they were given.