Spring for us is a time of rebirth

Out In Jersey magazine Editor Sam Martino
Out In Jersey magazine Editor Sam Martino

Editor’s Letter

Cover of February-March 2022 Out In Jersey magazine
Cover of February-March 2022 Out In Jersey magazine

As I sit to write this, the news in Eastern Europe is not good. Coincidentally, the colors of the Ukrainian flag, blue and yellow, were on our cover last issue. We had no idea that Russia would be attacking the Ukrainian people.

Here at Out In Jersey our hearts go out to everyone in both countries, and their families that are here and worried sick.

The Ukrainians, and (most) Russians really do not want war. They have nothing to do with being stuck in a war that they didn’t create. I’m not at all sure that people in Russia know what truth is. The news reports that Russian people have been cut off from world news and social media by their warmongering leader.

I think about the people living in the Ukraine and can’t imagine having to live in such dire conditions. I take injections for Multiple Sclerosis three times a week. What would I do if I lived in the Ukraine with war waging all around me? How would I be able to take my injections in the midst of a of a war zone? How are other people with disease dealing with this war? How are diabetics taking their insulin daily? What about dialysis, which is usually three times a week?

And right now, in this moment, a maternity hospital in Mariupol, Ukraine has been bombed. A MATERNITY HOSPITAL!!! By the time this magazine sees print, this will not be the last war crime committed.

So back here in New Jersey, I am reminded every day that we are blessed, lucky, or both. I don’t know…

Flowers are starting to bloom, and the trees are coming to life with lush greenery, and I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. Spring is a time of rebirth. We plant flowers, start our gardens, walk our dogs, invite friends over for barbeques.

But our hearts are heavy as we watch our plants and flowers bloom.

Back to our future, in late May, New Hope Celebrates LGBTQ Pride. In the weeks following we will have Jersey Pride, Montclair Pride, North Jersey Pride, Toms River Pride, New York Pride, and many others to chose from. There are so many, many outdoor events happening, so please be sure to check Out In Jersey’s calendar of events page to plan your excursions.

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Maria Sammartino (aka Sam Martino), is a writer and artist for over 15 years. Maria started at Out In Jersey as the news editor in 2009, and shortly thereafter became the Editor-In-Chief. She has been published in the Philadelphia Gay News, The International Journal of MS Care, and others. Maria goes by Sam Martino because she believes that women are never given a fair shot - and doesn’t want her art or her writing to be judged based on her sex, but on the merit of the work.