“Spoiler Alert” is a beautiful, touching, and emotional ride

A scene from
A scene from "Spoiler Alert"

If there is one genre of film that is not getting a wide release in theater​s anymore, that is romantic dramas. Action and horror films dominate cinemas these days, and we especially do not get many in the LGBTQ subgenre being shown on big screens in theaters.

This makes sense given the last one in this category to be a box office financial hit was Brokeback Mountain in 2006. Spoiler Alert is a new one that has finally come out for cinema enjoyment.

Spoiler Alert is a beautiful, touching, and emotional ride of a film. One moment I was feeling the joy of these adorable two men’s relationship unfold, but not too long in the next scene, the sad stuff comes and just hits you.

Director Michael Showalter did an outstanding job at bringing to life on screen how each and every one of our lives will have highs and lows. It felt very authentic. The movie deals with some heavy issues, mainly a serious illness one of our characters goes through and that may push some people away from seeing this. However, the content here shows us how difficult stuff can happen to any of us and life can be unpredictable.

While it does show some harder serious topics, what I appreciate about it is how Michael and Ben’s relationship was very pure and romantic. Even one of their friends in the film, who is also gay, says how their relationship is a great inspiration for him and his boyfriend of three weeks.

The movie is based on a true story. It really warmed my heart to see how powerful their love was. That is not to say their relationship did not have any difficulties; they even went to therapy together in one scene. But it is beautiful to see how they never gave up on the love they had. Jim Parsons, most well-known for the hit TV show The Big Bang Theory, gave an excellent performance. I really could feel the character he portrayed. Parsons kept Michael very grounded.

Sally Field as Kit’s mom also was another performance worth mentioning. She played Marilyn with so much heart and really did a good job at playing his mom that was loving and accepting. It was just a joy to watch her on screen.

I loved the settings for this film. Having scenes take place in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York City was really fun to watch. My favorite setting though was when Kit, his parents, and Michael took one last vacation down to Ocean City. It was just so beautiful seeing the interactions being played out on the beach with our four leading characters.

Overall, Spoiler Alert is an incredible film. This film is for everyone, even if they are not a member of the LGBTQ community.

Let us forget for a second that it is a gay love story and just realize it is a true story of two people coming together, forming a strong bond, and having a beautiful love with some unfortunate circumstances.

Add good writing and fantastic cinematography as well as a great Christmas vibe added throughout and you got yourself a reason to go to the theaters to feel the power of love in an amazing way this holiday season. 5/5 stars!