South Jersey mayor calls LGBTQ youth “confused”

Alloway Township, NJ Mayor Ed McKelvey
Alloway Township, NJ Mayor Ed McKelvey is under fire for comments he made during a sermon

Township residents ask Alloway Township Mayor McKelvey to resign

Alloway Township Mayor Ed McKelvey is under fire for comments he made during a sermon at the Christian Life Center in Pennsville. In the sermon, which was videotaped, he took issue with a New Jersey mandate requiring inclusivity for LGBTQ students in the Garden States.

“The public school is one of the worst places for our kids to be because I’ve seen what’s been mandated from Trenton down to be taught to your children, and it’s the enemy of your soul behind it,” said McKelvey, an ordained pastor at the church since 2014. “It is very, very, very sad what’s being mandated by the state of New Jersey.”

Shortly after the video begins, McKelvey claims that the state Supreme Court ruled on a case that declared it legal for siblings to marry each other. The story he was referencing was a false story shared on social media that originated from a satirical web site.

Later he says, “When you let homosexuality in, it opens the door to complete perversion and the church—we have to do our job and stand up, stand up to it. I don’t have to teach my kids to embrace the behaviors to teach a kid not to bully… we want everyone comfortable in their own skin. Well, when you start teaching them the confused stuff they don’t know what skin they have.”

The anti-gay pastor and mayor said he had spoken with Alloway Township, NJ  Superintendent Kristin Schell about his views.

“The mayor’s views are his personal views, and they are not shared by the school district,” Schell said. “The greatest and most inspiring part of public education is that we are fully inclusive of individuals and we respect and accept people as they are.”

Residents of Alloway Township in Salem County spoke out at a township committee meeting on September 19, 2019 with several residents seeking the Mayor’s resignation.

“It made me really angry what he was saying and I thought it was completely unacceptable for a leader in a community to be saying what he was saying,” said township resident Laurie McGuire.

The YouTube video is here.