Sordid Lives creator draws material from life


SHOW REVIEW – The Storyteller

Del Shores brought his one-man show, “The Storyteller,” with special guest Leslie Jordan, to Philadelphia’s Plays and Players Theatre on June 20th, and regaled the audience with the real stories that inspired much of his work. Shores had the audience in a constant state of laughter right from the opening of his show. 

“Please be sure to turn off your cell phones and pagers during the show,” Shores said. “Actually, if you’re still using a pager… just… just get the F&@K out!”

Shores is the creative mind behind such productions as “Daddy’s Dyin’ (Whose Got The Will?),” “Southern Baptist Sissies,” and “Sordid Lives.” Many of his dysfunctional characters and the situations he wrote them into were based on events from his own life.