Sir Elton John discusses Gay History and how he wants to be remembered


Elton John  wants to be remembered for his fundraising on behalf of AIDS organizations.

Mark Segal – Oscar Wilde wrote “Anybody can make history.  Only a great man can write it.”  Your new musical Billy Elliott certainly fits that realm, and at the same time takes on homophobia.  Was that one of the issues that brought you to this project?

The main attraction to me for Billy Elliott was the deep connection I felt with the film.  Billy’s artistic and social journey had parallels with my own life and wanting to be a musician.  Having said that, I find Billy’s friendship with his gay friend Michael to be genuinely touching so that was a focus for me as well.

MS – Part of your history is the Elton John AIDS Foundation.  Each year you tour a country where EJAF has program.  What are your most memorable thoughts from those trips?