Sin Is In; eliminated “RuPaul’s Drag Race” doll talks The Haus of Aja

Dahlia Sin
Dahlia Sin art courtesy of Scotty Kirby

What runways will Dahlia Sin be on next?

Dahlia Sin
Dahlia Sin photo courtesy by Scotty Kirby

Dahlia Sin may have been the first doll eliminated from RuPaul’s Drag Race this season, but she still has plenty left to show her fans, and then some. This New York to Los Angeles transplant comes direct from The Haus of Aja and has learned plenty from her drag mother, Aja (a former Drag Race All-Star herself). I sat down with Dahlia after her elimination, and we talked about her experience being on the show and why what you see on television is definitely much different than the experience itself.

You are the first eliminated contestant this season on RuPaul’s Drag Race this year, but we are quickly learning that all of the contestants are able to have success following their season. What is it like to now look at the experience and realize you are officially a “Ru-Girl”?

Dahlia Sin: It’s amazing. Obviously, I had always wanted to be on the show since I first saw it. It had always been a dream, and it is still so surreal now that the show has ended. I am super excited for what is to come also. Hopefully, I get to do everything that comes to my mind.

Aja is a true professional and the quintessential “New York City” queen. What do you think you learned from being part of the Haus Of Aja, and from Aja herself that you were able to take with you to Drag Race?

DS: Well, she is crazy. So pretty much that… (laughs). She taught me a lot; she is actually the first person to put me in drag. She was the first one to do my makeup; she taught me a lot in terms of performing. I kind of developed my own performance style, because I am definitely not high energy like Aja. I can be choreographed and be high energy, but I am not like that myself (laughs). She has taught me a lot when it comes to drag, and how to deal with certain situations, like being on Drag Race. She has told me many things afterward; I think she wanted to just see me get thrown in there.

Now that you have gone through the entire RuPaul’s Drag Race experience, what do you think your favorite and your non-favorite parts have been?

DS: My least favorite is definitely going home (laughs) and wearing that outfit I was wearing! My favorite part was meeting all of the girls the first time, especially the first six that I came onto the show with. I had a fun time with everyone. Basically, getting to meet new girls, that was my biggest takeaway from the show.

We are in the midst of truly crazy times right now. As a performer, how do you get through truly challenging times?

DS: It sucks; it is hard to encourage people to go out because they are scared. No matter what you say, they are going to do what is right for them, and they should, especially in today’s climate. There are definite ways that many of us have thought of to perform in this culture, and that is going live on Instagram. I can bring it to you while you’re sitting at home and you can watch it that way. I am definitely seeing up a Venmo for tips also!

So many of the girls do so many different things in a post Drag Race world, so what do you have planned?

DS: I really want to continue and do more with fashion. Modeling and runway-type stuff

Dahlia Sin on VH1 splash card
Art Courtesy-VH1

definitely. There are some campaigns that I would like to get involved with, especially for our community. I would love to go into doing more makeup since I was a makeup artist before Drag Race. I would love to work with some of my favorite brands and possibly collaborate with them, or even maybe have my own makeup line.

What would the Dahlia Sin of today tell the Dahlia that walked into the workroom for the first time?

DS: Brace yourself, it’s gonna be a crazy ride. What you thought you saw on the show is definitely not going to be what you encounter being there in person. It is totally different when you’re there!

RuPaul’s Drag Race airs Friday on VH1.