“Silver Haze” is a fiery and sincere love story drama

Vicky Knight and Esmé Creed-Miles are walking and holding hands. An amusement park is in the background
Silver Haze: Vicky Knight and Esmé Creed-Miles. (Photo by Cineart 2023)
Vicky Knight wearing a black bathing suit
Silver Haze: Vicky Knight. (Photo by Cineart 2023)

Silver Haze is a new lesbian romance story that explores one women’s relationships after going through a terrifying situation. The story takes the viewer along on a journey full of romance, danger, and self-transformations. 

Relationships can be hard to navigate for anyone, but for those who have gone through extremely traumatic situations in the past, that can make opening up even more difficult. Having emotional wounds that are not healed can make romantic connections feel very scary.

Franky is a nurse at the local hospital. She appears extremely guarded and you can tell she has been through a lot of hurt. We soon learn that she was in a horrific fire 15 years ago that has left her both physically and emotionally scarred. Recently, she has broken up with her boyfriend and not long after, she meets a patient in the hospital named Florence. They begin to form a romantic connection that takes them both on a powerful and life-changing journey.

The film Silver Haze shows in a beautiful way the importance of making peace with your past and healing yourself. Franky really wants a relationship, but you can tell it is hard for her to experience love. She allows her trauma to so negatively affect herself from building a more positive future. Despite being so damaged, it is sweet to see her build a relationship with Florence. Seeing their initial connection blossom in the beginning of Silver Haze issweet.

Throughout the film there are a couple of romantic scenes that were beautiful to watch. One scene when Franky and Florence are playing in a lake together was a standout. The relationship and the people Franky meets end up having a truly beautiful impact on her individual self.

One character in particular stands out. Alice helps Franky a lot to discover and learn. She shares some wisdom with Franky that helps her with some important realizations. That is a scene that is very impactful to experience on the screen.

Silver Haze is a remarkable lesbian romantic drama. It is great to see such a touching story between two women, as films like this with two male leads is more common. It has such poignant message for those who are struggling to move on from some past hurt.

The performances by Esme Creed-Miles and Vicky Knight in the lead roles of Florence and Franky are sincere and heartfelt. The story is brutally honest and will keep you engaged with characters you will care about. Definitely a film worth watching if you love a good emotional drama.

5/5 stars