Sign of Leo: You could find yourself under a restraining order

Leo sign

My Stars by Madame Zzaj, Romanian queen of all queens

Leo (July 23-Aug 22): Pursuit of new love, or what you love, or conquests at least comes easily to you as the Sun prepares to exit your sign. Mercury, Venus and Uranus intensify your allure and confidence; but with Uranus being retrograde, you need to blunt an overly aggressive edge to your interactions, lest mid-September finds you isolated, or under a restraining order, if you can’t govern yourself.

Virgo signVirgo (Aug 23-Sept 22): Saturn, in your chart keeps pulling on your sleeve directing you to attend to your duties, the ones that count in the long run. This will prove difficult as easy successes in other aspects of your life come, well, easily. There’s a tendency to bridle at restrictions. While enjoying life, don’t be distracted by easy and ephemeral victories.

Libra signLibra (Sept 23-Oct 22): Regrettably, it seems that the planetary aspects this August have you glimpsing a small patch of sky from the bottom of a well, or from the wrong end of a telescope. Frustrations, great and small, easily multiply. September allows you to get out from under it all, though there will be days where progress seems minimal; focus on what matters, longer term.

Scorpio signScorpio (Oct 23-Nov 21): The heat, the humidity, the humanity (or lack thereof) have you running into a wall the end of August. Your ability to lash out when aggravated has ample scope when your Moon is square Saturn, as well as it is to Mars (your ruling sign, don’t you know). Uranus retrograde is also square your Moon both months, increasing your indignation. But, you thrive on adversity, so laugh it off as a cosmic joke, as you will do.

Sagittarius sign

Sagittarius (Nov 22-Dec 21): The opportunity to pursue deep-seated desires or to implement plans delayed presents itself at the end of August as the Moon enters your sign. And while it’s not entirely clear sailing in September, it would seem that this is your time, whether to make big changes or to dust off old plans and act upon them.

Capricorn signCapricorn (Dec 22-Jan 19): The Moon spends a lot of time in your sign these next two months, which is fitting, as your ruling sign, Saturn, continues its leisurely retrograde passage through it. But what does it mean? Fortunately, it’s not a hindrance for you as it is for other signs, rather more a permission slip to pick and choose when to act, and when to stand pat. Whichever you choose, things should go your way.

aquarius signAquarius (Jan 20-Feb 18): Unlike Capricorns you have to contend with two ruling planets in retrograde as we move towards the fall, and these currents have you a bit flustered, kicking up quite a bit of sediment from the depths, clouding your perceptions and judgments. Better to swim parallel to the shore when caught in a riptide rather than meeting it head on and going under.

Pisces signPisces (Feb 19-Mar 20): While not generally known for your indomitable will, you, like Capricorns, can thrive when your ruling planet is retrograde, as is the case now. Uranus, also retrograde, is well placed versus your Moon. Even a harebrained scheme has a strong chance for succeeding for you if you just expend the effort to move things along; this is your time to take a chance.

aries signAries (Mar21-Apr20): While Mars your ruling planet remains in your sign, it’s not so much that you can do no wrong, as much as whatever fuss you stir up in August impacts others more than it has an effect on you. Enjoy being the ram in the china shop, upending things to suit your whims while it lasts. The law of diminishing returns kicks in around September 9th, when Mars goes retrograde and the poultry comes home to roost.

Taurus signTaurus (Apr 21-May20): August works out as something of a draw for you; while coming from a place of concern, Uranus and Mercury whisper in your ear to act in a way, to say things that will only irk those in your coterie. If you can curb your need to “share” for a month, you will have a more receptive audience for your observations in September.

Gemini signGemini (May 21-June 21): You’ve little patience for introspection as we move through the middle of August; Neptune retrograde for you cuts off idle speculation, so for you it’s all duty with a minimum of fuss. Sticking to the program should allow you to take lead, as we move into the autumn. All duty, no nonsense, that’s you.


Cancer signCancer (June 22-July 22): Like Gemini’s flight of fancy, you are grounded by Neptune retrograde, but to a lesser degree. Strangely enough, Mars seems to have an undue influence on your Moon, having you moving forward without really considering your next move. If you were a golf ball, you’d end up more often in the weeds, rather than the green.