“Shoulder Dance” puts a unique spin on an unrequited love in this romantic drama

The cast are lined up with Shoulder Dance above the in rainbow colors
Shoulder Dance by Breaking Glass Pictures
The cast of the movie with Shoulder Dance above them in rainbow colors. Movie poster.
Shoulder Dance by Breaking Glass Pictures

Sometimes, individuals can leave a lasting impact on our hearts. Having a crush that does not work out but you felt an intense attraction to can cause confusing feelings to follow for a while. What would happen if one weekend you were reunited with a huge crush that failed to become what you were hoping it would be?

Well, Shoulder Dance is a new movie that shows a weekend in the Hamptons where one man and his now-partnered high school crush end up reconnecting. It is available on Apple TV+.

Ira and Josh seem to be a happy gay couple. The two are even heading out on a getaway from the city to the beautiful shores of eastern Long Island. However, when Ira’s high school crush, Roger, and his girlfriend Lilly end up tagging along, the weekend becomes one of revelations and truth. As the four begin to dig deeper into the conversation, the main character, Ira, ends up learning a lot from his past, and the weekend becomes more than just a relaxing getaway from the busy city.

The film proves to be a good effort. The story provides some thought-provoking topics that make the movie compelling. Ira learns some valuable life lessons during the weekend. The importance of being emotionally available to be a good partner is a really strong message in the film.

That message is shown in the film in a natural and a very moving way. Ira really digs into himself throughout the story and learns the importance of being honest with who you are and embracing your true feelings.

The performances are good, but Maggie Geha as Lilly, Roger’s girlfriend, ultimately steals the show here. She brings so much joy and energy to the screen. Her character is fun! She does a great job towards the end of the film where she goes deeper into very emotional places. And all of it was done amazingly. Geha added heart and humor to this film.

Despite a couple of moments where the film has a slower pace, Shoulder Dance is a great indie drama. The film beautifully touches on the importance of embracing love and the challenges and pitfalls that can arise if you keep your guard up. There is also a cuteness here. The film even features some funny jokes that will make you smile.

While it may not be a top-tier queer romantic drama, it is worth checking out. It is recomended for those who enjoy mushy romance films with great, inspiring messages.

4/5 stars