Saliva test for COVID-19 now available in Asbury Park

VNA Community Health Center Asbury Park, NJ
VNA Community Health Center Asbury Park, NJ

Access to COVID-19 test will expand to Freehold, Keyport and Red Bank next week

The saliva tests for SARS CoV2, COVID-19 developed at Rutgers University Cell and DNA Repository in partnership with Accurate Diagnostic Labs is now available. At VNA in Asbury Park it is available only for existing patients. Next week, expanded accessibility to testing of patients with potential exposure to COVID-19 and experiencing symptoms will be available at the Health Center’s Freehold, Keyport and Red Bank locations.

“Saliva tests are less intrusive than the deep nasal swab that have been widely used since the coronavirus pandemic broke out,” said Christopher Rinn, CEO of VNACJ Community Health Center. “They are safer for health care workers administering the procedure
and they require less personal protective equipment than the deep nasal swab,” said Rinn. “The saliva is simply collected in a tube with an RNA preservative solution.”

“As testing expands across the state, it is vital that we prioritize vulnerable populations such as those served by New Jersey’s Federally Qualified Health Centers,” said New Jersey Health Commissioner Judith M. Persichilli.

The saliva test developed at Rutgers University was just recently FDA EUA approved and cleared for use.

“The continued expansion and repeat testing using a saliva-based approach in the community will have a tremendous impact on making sure New Jersey is prepared to resume normal day activities,” said Dr. Andrew Brooks, Professor of Genetics at Rutgers.

“We are thrilled to provide this important service to our patients throughout Monmouth County and to support Governor Murphy’s efforts to make testing more available so that we can reopen our New Jersey businesses and public spaces,” said Rinn. “We are proud that VNACJ is the first Federally Qualified Health Center in New Jersey, if not the nation, to provide these tests and we are grateful to our partners RUCD Rand Accurate Diagnostic Labs for their support of the communities we serve.”

Patients who are experiencing symptoms or fear they have been exposed to the coronavirus should schedule an appointment by calling the Health Center at 732-774-6333 or contact the team through their website.

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