“RuPaul’s Drag Race” eliminated Queen – Trixie Mattel


Trixie Mattel emerged as the darling of this season of “Ru Paul’s Drag Race”. From her heart wrenching back story to her plastic fantastic performances, Trixie looked to go far this season, sadly, despite being brought back by Ru Paul herself to compete against other eliminated girls and winning, she left in 2015.

Tribe sat down with me to chat about her life before Trixie, where the inspiration comes from, her daring original “Snatch Game” audition, and the possibility of a traveling Trixie Mattel party.

“If They Asked Me To Come Back A Third Time, I Was Going To Stay Home and Play Video Games.”

So this is your second time voted off this season, as Ru famously brought you back as part of the “conjoined twin” challenge, so I have to ask; think you’ll be coming back again?

RuPaul singleYou know, I said during the episode that if they asked me to come back a third time, I was going to stay home and play video games. After being part of a challenge where I had the best critiques on my looks and on my performance and then had to still lip synch? I was like “girl bye.” I’m glad that the edit made me look happier leaving the competition though, because I was really blindsided. Even during “Untucked” I wasn’t practicing the song, I really thought I had come back and was making top five. I got up there and they judged us as pairs, and I thought “of course you will” LOL.

Out of the entire “Drag Race” experience, what do you think your favorite part was? 

You know, from the beginning, I definitely wanted to win the reading challenge. Then, when I was eliminated originally (in episode 4) i thought that I had missed that challenge. Once I won my way back into the completion with Pearl during the conjoined twin challenge, the next day they told us it was the reading challenge and it was fucking ON! I mean, “Snatch Game” is cool, but the reading challenge is definitely up my alley.

RuPaul Drag race 2015 cast 2015Speaking of “Snatch Game”, I happened to come across your “Drag Race” audition online, where you portrayed Anne Frank.

Thank you! That was actually part of my audition for the show. I really did not intend to do it actually on the show, because it’s a different kind of platform, I’m there to make people happy and you have to be sensitive. I had other “Snatch Game” characters that I had ready, but if you Google me, there are performances of me as Anne Frank, where I use songs like “I Think We’re Alone Now” and “Hold On”. There’s even a part where you will hear German voices and creaky footsteps and I’ll go into the audience and hide. it’s very stupid, but if you know my back story with drag, it’s all about getting through my dark times through drag. Actually, if you read “The Diary Of Anne Frank”, she actually says that what the world really needs in dark times, is laughter. She is a gem of literature-a hidden gem.

Where do you get your inspiration for the character of Trixie? 

It’s really all these pieces of my growing up mixed together. The look and the character is a children’s toy; its a Barbie Doll mixed with a My Little Pony meets Miss Yvonne from “Pee Wee’s Playhouse” meets Audrey from “Little Shop of Horrors” meets Peg Bundy. It’s all these people that I’ve loved who were all my escapes, mixed with offbeat, deadpan and sarcastic humor that I used to get through those dark times in life also. What people respond to is that they like it’s a child’s too making jokes about alcoholism. Definitely a fun thing to watch.

Trixie Mattel photo from RuPaul's Drag RaceDo you think all of these experiences helped create and make Trixie a much stronger character? 

Yeah, absolutely. There may be still things I have trouble with, or have nightmares about, but I honestly love my life so much right now. I loved it before “Drag Race” and I love it even more now. It’s literally like a butterfly effect, If i had removed something awful, I may not have had the amazing product that Trixie is.

How is your relationship with your family now? 

It’s ok. They’re very offbeat, for example, they were proud of my graduation, but they really didn’t need to come. It’s very “Fla Se Da” as Pearl would say.

It’s refreshing to see someone with someone who was honest about their dark times has created something beautiful. 

It’s amazing; I meet people that don’t know me who come up and tell me that they are with me and totally get it. I was nervous about being honest about my family on television, but it’s turned out great. If it helps people, its great; I’m not Sally Strutters or anything, but if people can make something of what happened to them that’s great; you can be a victim or a victor.

 So what’s next for Trixie Mattel? 

I’m working on my one “doll” show, something where I show all of my talents, Some tap dancing, I play guitar, everything sprinkled all through comedy, I’m working on the stories now. I love being Trixie and would love to host a party where people come dressed as dolls, and we just go dancing at a Barbie party. I’d love to grab Amanda LePore and some gorgeous Ken Doll dancers and have a big old party!

If you took everything that’s happened from casting, multiple eliminations, everything, and summed it up into one word, what one word would it be? 

A gift. Each elimination was not easy, but my overpowering feeling with Ru Paul, and World Of Wonder is that they gave me an amazing gift. You don’t do “Drag Race” to win 100,000 dollars and a gown. You go so you can have an amazing platform. I’ve gotten to meet so many people and everywhere I go I’m so loved, my shows are super well attended, and that’s why I did “Drag Race”. It’s such a gift.