Rescue your best friend at St. Hubert’s Animal Welfare Center

Juliet the cat
Juliet is available for adoption at St. Hubert's

St. Hubert’s Animal Welfare Center in Madison has one of the longest histories of any pet rescue this magazine has yet to cover.

Founded in “advocacy” and “community service” nearly 80 years ago, St. Hubert’s might be where you find your forever pet. The rescue, in particular, supports New Jersey communities with programs that help animals stay with their families, such as pet food banks, vaccine clinics, and emergency pet boarding. However, they’re also an extension of their merged partners The Washington Animal Rescue League and the Washington Humane Society. The Animal Rescue League would take animals the Humane Society didn’t have room for. That’s until they realized they’d be stronger together.

“I’ve always believed you can get a lot more done than you can on your own,” said Lisa LaFontaine, CEO and president of the organization, in a biographical video for the organization.

Soon after, the Humane Rescue Alliance allied with St. Hubert’s. “What that’s allowed us to do is become the first organization in the country that is multi-state, community-based, providing direct care of the animals, and really taking a look at what’s going on for those animals and people in an entire region,” said LaFontaine.

The organization states that they’re more than a local rescue. They save the lives of almost 100,000 animals each year with their partners. Additionally, through their WayStation Program, they’ve moved over 20,000 pets from areas of need to places of opportunity through a network of more than 90 sheltering organizations, for which they also partner.

Through their Give Back program, the organization gives $350,000 back to their source shelter partners whose communities are often struggling under the weight of pet overpopulation.

Aurora the dog
Meet Aurora at St. Hubert’s Animal Rescue

St. Hubert’s is open afternoons daily. Adoption appointments are not required. Before visiting, potential adopters are implored to visit the rescues’ adoptable pets. Let’s take a look!

Meet Aurora:

Aurora is a beautiful brindle girl with the lovely demeanor you expect of a hound. Impossibly affectionate and calm, she’s an ideal loyal family pet. She’s just wonderful with mature children and on walks, like field trips, in which she’s been a favorite! Her recent foster said the following: she loves snuggling, playing with toys, and running in the yard. She has energy when she plays, but is otherwise calm and docile.

Aurora was quite shy and took a couple of days to get comfortable in our home, but once comfortable she was great meeting new people. She is calm and reliable. She may take a minute to adjust to your home, she had to with her fosters’. In particular, she was fearful of the kitchen and stairs. After a while, she grew more confident and trusting of her foster family’s love.

Contact Aurora’s foster to find out more about this sweet girl at

Meet Juliet:

Juliet the cat
Juliet is available for adoption at St. Hubert’s

This is Juliet. She’s looking for her “puurrfect” match. She is a beautiful 10-year-old female cat hoping to find a forever home. Her former owner lived with Juliet since she was three weeks old. However, two years ago, she lost her home and found herself at St. Hubert’s. She’s been waiting for nearly two years to find a new family. Juliet needs a quiet and relaxing home. She may be shy at first, but she’ll need some time to adjust since she’s been through a lot of change. She enjoys head scratches and would love a scratching post. Just be patient with Juliet, she’ll steal your heart

If interested in Juliet contact her foster at

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