“Reflections from Both Sides of the Glass Ceiling” tells the story of being an outsider

Glass Ceiling book cover
Glass Ceiling: Finding My True Self in Corporate America

Stephanie Battaglino takes you step by step through her transition

In her newly released Reflections from Both Sides of the Glass Ceiling: Finding My True Self in Corporate America, Stephanie Battaglino tells the unvarnished truth. There are no rose-colored glasses here or the amber tint that recollections sometimes have. Stephanie tells the gimlet-eyed true story of being an outsider, even in the heart of a loving family. The longest journey begins with a single step, and Stephanie takes us on that journey that brings us into the depth of the maelstrom of feeling so different from the world around you until you have the epiphany that shows you the way.

Born in Kearny (pronounced “CAR-nee”), New Jersey, Stephanie’s life began as Michael. The youngest of four siblings by a decade, he excelled in school at athletics and loved hanging out with his sister the most. The magic of her transformation as she put on her makeup, first the foundation, then the contouring and lipstick, struck a chord in him whose melody would manifest in a very different way. Michael knew he was different in a way that had no role models, and the first steps toward Stephanie began.

When you hear Battaglino speak in person, she has the gift of drawing you in, feeling like you can ask her anything. And you can.

Her book resonates in the same way. She takes you step by step through her transition—you share the joy, the angst, the thrills, and the pain that accompany the growth between what was and what is meant to be.

Understanding viscerally now how experiencing the world as Michael and how different the perspective is from Stephanie’s side, these are the facets that keep coming back to me. This book may be something you devour in one sitting. Or, like me, you may read portions and absorb them, then go back for another helping. Either way, whether e-books or the old-fashioned paper is your thing, you are going to want to make notes.

Stephanie Battaglino will be touring soon with the book. Whether virtually or personally, read the book and go see her. A few minutes with Stephanie will change your life, too.


Reflections from Both Sides of the Glass Ceiling is ISBN 978-1735389622