“Queer The Vote” a multi-faceted action campaign begins

Vote, Your liberty depends on it

National LGBTQ Task Force targets LGBTQ community to help make a difference 

The National LGBTQ Task Force Action Fund announced “Queer the Vote” a multi-faceted campaign to inform, educate and mobilize LGBTQ communities as we approach the November 3, 2020 elections.

“This is about the power of US and the stakes could not be higher,” said Rea Carey, Task Force Action Fund Executive Director. “It is not news to anyone how critical this election is,“ Carey continued. “We hear it every day, every hour and from everyone. What you may not know is that at least 2 million people identify as LGBTQ+ and are not registered to vote. At the Task Force, we believe that voting should be accessible for everyone. The ‘Queer the Vote’ campaign will provide everything one needs to vote successfully and make a difference. Only 50% of registered LGBTQ voters showed up to vote in 2016—that cannot happen this November,” Carey concluded.

“In short, our community’s participation could make the difference in who is elected in national, state and local elections this November. This is why we are devoting every day until November 3 to actions to Queer The Vote,” said Kierra Johnson, Deputy Executive Director of the Task Force Action Fund. “We have seen the erosion of hard-fought LGBTQ+ rights, especially for trans and non-binary people, a mismanaged pandemic that disproportionately impacts marginalized communities, a devastating economic turndown and an uprising crying out for racial justice that continues to grow. We must take our power and obligation to vote seriously, because this election has much more on the ballot than individual candidates, our very democracy is at stake,” concluded Johnson.

The Task Force is partnering with LGBTQ Nation on a Voting Center that is designed to help people make their vote plan. The center includes voter registration, vote by mail, and in person early voting deadlines in addition to key races to watch by state. LGBTQ Nation said that in the midst of a pandemic, it is even more critical that people consider ahead of time how, when, and where they are going to vote. The planning is to be sure voters are thinking about transportation, parking, in some states purchasing stamps, dependent care, voting accessibility, and their employment.

This website helps the LGBTQ community make those decisions. For more info visit lgbtqnation.com/promos/voting-center-2020/

The groups are planning several online “Queer the Vote” events. They include:

  • Queer the Vote Training Series 
    • Saturday, October 10 at 3:00pm ET
      • A virtual Queering Racial Justice Institute featuring a 2-hour workshop called “Moving Policy Change from Chants in the Streets to Transformation in Public Safety.” You will learn more about policies in Congress that if we get enough advocates elected we can pass and then share best practices on how to hold those advocates accountable in getting it done. You may register at thetaskforce.org/qrj.html
    • Wednesday, October 13 at 6pm ET, & 8pm ET
      • 6pm – Vote Planning During a Crisis: This workshop is focused on ensuring LGBTQ and all voters have a solid vote plan in the midst of the health, racial, and economic crises happening in our country. There will be discussions on the positions you vote on to help you decide who best represents your ideals for good governance. To register visit here:  ngltf.convio.net/site/Calendar?id=102305&view=Detail
      • 8pm – How to Get Out The Vote: When campaigns call your house asking you to volunteer do you know what they are actually asking you to do. How could it impact the outcome of the election? If you would like to know what volunteer opportunities are typically available, organizers will talk you through what they are, their impact on the election, and what skills are needed. To register visit here: ngltf.convio.net/site/Calendar?id=102306&view=Detail
  • Vote-By-Mail Kiki Tea Session 
    • Wednesday, October 14 at 8:30pm ET. This event is all about how you are feeling and how you can be sure you can safely and successfully vote from home. Some states make this a lot harder than others so if you have any questions about the process or just want to talk register here: ngltf.convio.net/site/Calendar?id=102285&view=Detail
    • For those looking to host National Voter Day events on October 24 or want to virtually vote with loved ones using vote by mail ballots, organizers will share resources following this event on how to host your own Vote By Mail Kiki.

In addition, the Task Force Action Fund is partnering with LGBTQ Nation and HeadCount to further amplify their reach and impact. Learn more about our Queer the Vote campaign at queerthevote.org