Queer SOS Pickets at Senator’s Office


Queer SOS Protest With LGBT marriage as the ‘hot button’ issue in queer politics, many of use have forgotten that sexuality and gender identity are still not included in the 1964 Civil Rights Bill. However, some people feel as though this needs to change. Alan Bounville, Todd(Tiff) Fernandez and Iana DiBona, have set up a daily vigil, outside the campaign office of New York Senator, Kirsten Gillibrand. They will sit here from 10am to 6pm everyday until the senator introduces the American Equality Bill into the Senate. The bill states sexuality and gender identity should be added to the 1964 Civil Rights Bill. If this has not happened by October 11, National Coming Out Day, the three will go to a 24 hour vigil and if by November 2 the bill has still not been introduced, they will commit to a water only fast. They are sending out a call for help, hence calling it an SOS, but mention there not drowning yet.