“Real Housewives Of Miami” star Alexia Echevarria says “Thank goodness for the gay boys”



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“The Real Housewives Of Miami” are back for another round of fun (and fighting) in the sun. Here, Entertainment Editor Cookie talks to “Housewife” Alexia Echevarria about returning as a full time cast member, the struggles she has faced with her children, and why the gay boys love the ladies of Miami!

How does it feel to be back as a full-time Housewife, as last year you took more of a backseat role as a “Friend Of the Housewives”?

I feel really great, I’m thrilled to be back full time. I can really share my life and my story with the viewers. I really feel that it’s so important for me to be on this season, as my story was not truly told last year due to the circumstances; (Alexia’s son Frankie was involved in a life threatening automobile accident prior to filming Season 2, so Alexia chose to film on a limited basis). I’m back now emotionally, and really get to show the viewers what my life has been really like.

How are you sons Frankie and Peter doing? Was it hard to choose to show your families personal struggles on the show?

They’re doing so well, thanks so much for asking. My personality is to address the issue head on. I really felt that I had a moral obligation to show more than anything, my son Frankie. I wanted to share with the viewers that miracle that is Frankie’s recovery, and show them what I went through, where he is at today, and hope that my experience will help other people and give them a message of hope and determination. I felt that in Season 2 I just wasn’t ready to do it yet; I really needed this season to show that.

With my son Peter, this season has helped alot, as it has really brought us closer. It forced us to discuss things that we had not discussed previously that were bothering with him, and it really gave us a chance to bond.The viewers will get to see both of my children recovering to where they are today. Looking back, my children are my story and my life. I mean, you do get to see me at Venue Magazine, which is our magazine and where I work, and you get to see me transition back to work as well. I mean, I may live a great life and have 500 pairs of shoes, but it’s all superficial. What really counts is your family. That’s my story, and always have been.

What does your husband Herman think about you doing the show?

It’s funny, we joke around that I’m a great mom, but I suck as a wife! (Laughs). It’s like the “typical” wife, who may bring her husband his slippers and scratch his back after a long day at work, that’s not me! I am lucky enough to have a great husband who is okay with all of that though. That’s one of the reasons that he says he fell in love with me, because I was such a wonderful mother to my children.

You mention having 500 pairs of shoes, and since Season 1, your fashion definitely sets you apart from the other ladies…. 

Thank you so much! It’s funny, I don’t have a stylist, these are all of my own clothes. It’s funny because we own Venue Magazine, and you would think that I would use a stylist, but I don’t. It’s funny I worked with a stylist at the magazine a couple weeks ago, and Versace advertises with us, so I went with her to pull things at Versace for a shoot. I told her I’d love to work with her, since I don’t have time to put things together sometimes and she said “are you kidding, you don’t need a stylist?” (Laughs)

Ever since I was little I’ve loved fashion and I’ve loved clothes, I used to give my mother suggestions on what to wear. Herman has essentially given up on me, he knows that he can he can take away anything but my Neiman’s card of my Saks card. (Laughs again)

Right now, I’m loving Roland Moret, Roberto Cavallli, and Versace’s fall ready- to-wear collection is amazing. For everyday, I love Alexander Wang, BCBG, and Herve Legre I always love. The Miami franchise is probably the most popular one with gay men, because, well, it’s Miami!

What do you think it is that really makes gay men gravitate towards the Miami ladies?

You know, I think it’s just an attraction in general. We have a very large gay community, and we love it and we’re extremely proud of it; so many of my dear friends are gay. Out of the five “Housewives” the one that is the most “Miami” is me. The way we speak, my accent, my mannerisms, I’m true Miami. I guess the others, except maybe Marysol, they are really “L.A.” also like Lea and Joanna, they have homes in both cities, and Adriana is from Brazil. I guess the aura of Miami, the sun, the skin, so of course we have to look good! Thank goodness for the gay boys!

As a business owner (Alexia and husband Herman co-own Venue Magazine in Miami) did the recent circumstances surrounding “Real Housewives Of New Jersey” stars Teresa & Joe Giudice’s arrest give you second thoughts about featuring your business on the show?

You know, not my husband personally, but some of the men on the show have had concerns. They are successful businessmen, and while you may start the show for fun and  as a platform to better your business, it may come back to bite you. Too much exposure can be bad. In my case, we do things the right way, but recently I have thought about it that way. You just have to try to do the right thing and be smart about it.

What can we expect from Season 3?

The season is definitely different, I think the viewers are going to be alot more invested in our characters, because they really dig alot deeper into what we truly are about and what our lives are like. I think that’s going to hook the viewers into us so much more. It’s not really as superficial as before, as I think our relationships and friendships are alot stronger, and why we may have differences of opinion. You also will see our daily lives and struggles as mom, wife, friend, etc.


“The Real Housewives Of Miami” are back for another round of fun (and fighting) in the sun. Here, Entertainment Editor Cookie talks to “Housewife” Alexia Echevarria about returning as a full time cast member, the struggles she has faced with her children, and why the gay boys love the ladies of Miami!